Not everyone takes the same path to earning their bachelor's degree.

Some people get technical certification at a community college before they decide to pursue a bachelor's degree. Some people realize they need to go back to school to move ahead in their job, even though they are not the "typical" college age.

Where do I begin?

If you want to pursue a BAAS degree, schedule an appointment with one of our program advisors. The contact information for each BAAS program at UNT is below.

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Applied Arts and Sciences

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Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) programs at the University of North Texas provide you a direct path to a fully accredited bachelor’s degree if you have:

  • Completed course work for technical, applied or military credit
  • A technical or applied degree from a community or technical college

Our BAAS degrees accept and build on these unique credits, combining them with course work intended to meet your individual or career goals.

Flexible evening, weekend and online courses make it easy for you to earn a BAAS degree while balancing full-time or part-time work and your personal life.

Who benefits from a BAAS degree?

Students seeking admission to one of our BAAS programs typically have some real-world work experience. They also include:

  • Active-duty military or veterans seeking college credit for courses taken as part of their training in the service
  • Transfer students wanting credit for workforce or technical courses taken at a community or technical college
  • Students interested in developing multiple areas of expertise
  • Students who’ve accumulated a significant number of credit hours

What career opportunities are available?

Career opportunities for BAAS students vary as much as their paths to earning the degree. Some students complete the degree for career advancement. Others want to change career paths altogether or ultimately plan to attend graduate school. Whatever the motivation, BAAS students graduate with an array of skills that equip them to compete in today’s ever-changing workplace.

BAAS graduates are found in a variety of career fields. Many work in business, state and local government, nonprofit agencies or a wide range of fields directly associated with the specialization they pursued at a community or technical college or while in the military.

UNT’s Career Center can provide advice about future employment opportunities in a particular area.

What types of BAAS programs are offered?

We currently have one BAAS program, offered in Applied Arts and Sciences by the Department of Community and Professional Programs in the College of Health and Public Service. The program is designed to meet your specific needs and interests.

BAAS from the College of Health and Public Service

This multidisciplinary degree program builds on your previous education and experience and allows you to choose up to three areas of study that pertain to your career interest and goals.

You’re able to select courses from the various disciplines offered at UNT. For example, you can take courses in management, marketing, alternative dispute resolution, nonprofit studies, criminal justice or a wide variety of other disciplines. Our advisors work with you to tailor a degree plan best suited for your needs.

The program also gives you flexibility in how you choose to study. Depending on the course, you can choose to take classes online, face-to-face or in a blended format. In blended-format courses, some instruction is provided in face-to-face meetings with the remaining instruction covered online.

The specific degree requirements for this BAAS program are outlined below.

Degree requirements

BAAS from the College of Health and Public Service


Credit Hours


University Core


Required by the state of Texas for all students to complete in order to receive a bachelor’s degree. The core consists of a variety of courses (English, history, math, etc.) that are intended to form a general education foundation. Core courses may be taken at UNT or at another accredited institution and transferred to UNT.

Professional Foundations


Forms the heart of the BAAS curriculum and consists of courses intended to improve your marketability in today’s workplace. You learn to sharpen your ability to communicate, negotiate, analyze information and network effectively.

Occupational Specialization


Consists of courses related to a specific occupation, field or subject. Many technical and workforce courses taken at a community college or in the military may be eligible for transfer credit at UNT. In some cases, an occupational specialization is created from courses taken at UNT or other four-year institutions.

Professional Development


Consists of three multidisciplinary concentrations of courses (12 credit hours each) intended to enhance the skills you’ve already acquired through an occupational specialization. One concentration must be taken from disciplines offered in the College of Health and Public Service.



You may select from an array of courses offered at UNT or apply transfer credits.