Sharing photos with the UNT community

Thanks for sharing events and activities with the campus community. Follow these guidelines to submit images of retirement parties, holiday celebrations, tailgating and Mean Green sports enthusiasm, plus other activities that show the camaraderie and family atmosphere at the university. After moderation, photos will appear in the Share Photos section of the Faculty and Staff page.


What to submit

  • Department events such as service award ceremonies, tenure presentations, retirements, certificate presentations.
  • Campus events, such as University Day, Homecoming, International Week, Earth Day, Flight Ceremony, UNT Preview, Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade
  • Mean Green spirit, such as a department tailgate party, group attendance at a basketball games or other sporting events.

What to include

  • A short descriptive title for the photo.
  • Correctly spelled names of individuals pictured.
  • Correctly spelled names of departments pictured, awards presented.

Photo format

  • Submitted images should be in png, gif, jpg or jpeg format with a maximum file size of 2 MB.
  • Photos that are of poor quality (unfocused, poorly lighted, improperly sized) cannot be used.
  • Images deemed inappropriate or inaccurate will not be accepted.

Tips for taking photos

  • When the event or activity allows, pose the photo. Ask people to look at you and the camera, stop eating, stop talking, stand still and smile.
  • Get close to the subjects – no need to show the ceiling, blank walls or empty tables.
  • Count 1-2-3, then click. This gives people time to look at you and establish eye contact.
  • Unposed or candid photos often don’t make sense to the viewer, even though they do to you. You remember the event and what was happening then. Someone seeing it for the first time will be puzzled.
  • Website viewers respond to eye contact with the subject. You want the viewer to think, “Wow, those people in the photo are doing something interesting/having a good time!”
  • When photographing speakers, try not to catch them with weird expressions. We usually don’t notice a grimace or guffaw while we are listening and watching in person.

How to submit

  • Click the Share A Photo button beneath the Share Photos feature on the Faculty and Staff page.
  • Follow the instructions to add a title, identify the event and submit the photo for moderation.
  • Moderators will post the photo usually within 24 hours, and will contact you if information is incomplete or if the photo will not publish properly.

Rights and disclaimers

We will not accept photos that do not feature UNT employees or associates, are not related to a university activity, or do not clearly show UNT's presence at a community event.

When you send a photo to UNT, you agree that UNT may use the photo for publication in any media and for any promotions managed by University Relations, Communications and Marketing.

  • URCM does not pay for images. You retain ownership of the submitted image.
  • URCM may re-size or adjust submitted images to fit publication guidelines.
  • Images copied from other websites, books or publications cannot be used.