Monday, March 28, 2022

Dear UNT Community,

To protect sensitive information — both yours and UNT's — remember to confirm the authenticity of URLs before clicking hyperlinks in emails or text messages that appear to come from UNT accounts or employees.

Phishing is the attempt to gain sensitive information through deceptive means via email, and some attempts can be quite convincing with logos or disclaimers taken from legitimate websites.

If you receive an unexpected email from an unfamiliar account, or one that appears out of character from someone with whom you normally interact, you may be the target of phishing. You should not click on links or open attachments until you have confirmed the validity of the message.

To learn more about phishing, including ways to identify attempts and checking URLs for authenticity prior to clicking on hyperlinks, visit the UNT System IT Shared Services webpage. After reviewing this webpage, if you believe you did receive a phishing attempt, please submit it as an email attachment to

Thank you for your attention to this matter.