Correcting chartstring errors for purchases - a guide from the UNT Budget Office

Aug. 24, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: This is an updated version of the message sent just before 2 p.m. Aug. 24. This version has the correct link for the Function Mapping for UNT guide.

If you receive a chartstring error when purchasing items, or you are planning to make purchases, the finance teams would like to remind you about recent updates.

To help identify the correct primary function code for a chartstring, our teams have created this guide for you: Function Mapping for UNT. Please refer to the sheet in the workbook labeled “By Chartstring with Actuals.”

Redesign of values associated with the function chartfields are effective Sept. 1 (Friday). The redesign will eliminate invalid functions to streamline our financial data. The FY 2018 Budget was entered with the correct function codes.

Please begin using the correct function codes going forward for all transactions. Accurate and consistent expense classification is essential to UNT’s ability to measure and benchmark itself against peer institutions, drive cost efficiency and provide reliable internal and external reporting.

The financial reporting and budget teams are completing function corrections on all FY 2017 (9/1/16-8/31/17) revenue and expense transactions. Corrections can be identified by journal id’s “P1-7FUNC,” “P8FUNC” or “BUD_FUNC.”

You may also find the following information helpful:

Departmental to-do checklist:

  • Update incorrect functions appearing on pending and open requisitions.
  • Process ePars to correct functions for payroll lines for salaries, wages and payroll related costs (fringes)Use correct functions on all new transactions (Work Orders, IDTs, PCards, etc.).
  • Correct any returned requisitions with function errors.
  • Contact us for assistance with identifying your correct function code at

Actuals vs. Budget:

  • Revenue and expenditure transactions appear in the “Actuals” column of the Cognos Budget Summary Report.
  • Complete an ABA to correct “Budget” balances, move funds between functions, and submit the ABA to the Budget Office.

My Valid FoaPs Report Info:

  • The “My Valid FoaPs” report name has been changed to “FoaPs with Activity.”
  • Please note that the chartstrings that appear on this report reflect all activity during the fiscal year. With the conversion, some chartstrings were not valid and this report will not reflect the work done for the corrections.
  • The best tools to use for mapping are Function Mapping for UNT and Cognos reports for the appropriate budget year.

For additional information, please visit, call 940-565-3233 or email us at