Developing a standardized scholarship and award process

Feb. 13, 2015

Dear faculty and staff,

As you know, Shannon Goodman joined us this month as our founding Vice President for Enrollment, charged with helping us to develop and implement effective strategic enrollment strategies and the information systems to support them. His division, which includes Undergraduate Admissions and Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, will help us achieve sustainable enrollment growth and improve the quality and diversity of our student population. I look forward to what’s to come. 

I am also pleased to announce that we’ve formed a Centralized Scholarship/Award Taskforce, chaired by Zelma DeLeon, Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships. The taskforce serves as a decision-making team committed to building a university-wide standardized scholarship and award process to better meet our students’ needs.

Composed of cross-divisional representation, the taskforce will develop, organize, and implement university-wide initiatives designed to improve the timeliness and full use of funding dedicated to scholarships and awards. The initiatives support our recruitment and retention goals, and strengthen donor engagement. Specifically, this taskforce will develop a standardized scholarship and award application for students to use, which will lead to a better awarding process overall. Over the next twelve months, this multi-phase project will include the following action items.

Phase I

  • Create, distribute and analyze internal scholarship survey
  • Review current scholarship and awarding practices
  • Analyze fund use, account categorization and reporting methods

Phase II

  • Standardize scholarship processes
  • Integrate best practices and guidelines university-wide
  • Implement a university-wide base awarding timeline

Phase III

  • Implement centralized scholarship application university-wide

In addition, the Student Financial Aid and Scholarship team will support the departments through this multi-phase project.

Creating this taskforce is one of many ways that we’re improving our processes to better serve our students. By creating a centralized, university-wide scholarship and award process, we’ll recruit and retain high-quality students more effectively because we can offer more scholarships and awards and ensure our offers are timely. 

UNT Proud,

Neal Smatresk