Faculty, staff and student employee info on required discrimination and harassment prevention training

Oct. 2, 2019

Texas law requires that all faculty, staff and student employees take training on preventing discrimination and harassment, including sexual misconduct and related UNT policies, every two years. This training is now available online through the university’s new online learning management system, UNT Bridge.

This program will provide information regarding UNT’s policies and procedures relating to discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment. It must be completed in the next 60 days. This is the first campus-wide required training offered through UNT Bridge so questions or feedback should be directed to AskTraining@unt.edu.

To take the training on preventing discrimination and harassment via UNT Bridge, you can follow the steps below. You also will receive an automated message shortly from UNT Bridge that directly links to these training options.

1. To complete the online training or sign up for in-person training, go to UNT Bridge.
2. Log in with your EUID and password.
3. Choose ”Preventing Discrimination and Harassment and Related UNT Policies,” which will be listed under the “Required” training section on your “My Learning” page.
    o “If you have completed training within the last two years, this will be reflected on your “My Learning” page. If you have participated in training but did not receive credit for it, please contact the Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity.
4. Before starting training, pop-up blockers must be disabled. Learn how to disable pop-up blockers.
5. Once you have completed the training, it will be listed in the “Completed” section on your “My Learning” page.

Supervisors, please encourage team members to take this mandatory training within the 60-day timeframe. You can check their progress through the "Insights" section in UNT Bridge, accessible in the upper right-hand corner. You can check each team member’s training by clicking on the “Admin” button in the upper right-hand corner, then clicking on the team member’s name. If you discover team members listed who no longer work for you, please off-board them through Human Resources to be removed from your team’s list.

As a reminder, all faculty and staff who become aware of suspected discrimination or harassment, including sexual misconduct, are required to report the suspected violation immediately to the Office of Equal Opportunity. Contact Eve Shatteen Bell, Assistant Vice President of Equity & Diversity and UNT Title IX and ADA Coordinator, at OEO@unt.edu to file a report.

More information about UNT Bridge
If you have questions or encounter difficulty accessing the training, visit the Navigating UNT Bridge site or reach out to the team with questions by email at AskTraining@unt.edu.

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