Frontage road closes to prepare for bridge reopening

Aug. 17, 2016

As construction continues on I-35E through Denton, the 35Express team is working to partially complete the North Texas Boulevard bridge and open it for use by the UNT community.

The team’s work requires the temporary closure of the northbound frontage road at North Texas Boulevard. The frontage road will be closed from 9 p.m. Aug. 17 through 9 p.m. Aug. 19.

Northbound I-35E frontage road traffic will turn right onto North Texas Boulevard, left onto Prairie Street, left onto Bonnie Brae Street and then right onto the frontage road. The 35Express detour map can be found here.

The 35Express team expects to open three lanes of the bridge – one in each direction and a turning lane – in time for UNT Housing move-in day on Aug. 21. This is subject to cooperative weather conditions.

After the three lanes open, work will continue on the bridge, which will be eight lanes – two lanes in each direction, two turning lanes in each direction and two U-turn lanes in each direction – and a pedestrian bridge when finished. The pedestrian bridge will not be open to foot traffic until the project is completed. Completion is expected this fall. Until completion, pedestrians crossing I-35E by foot should use the UNT pedestrian bridge.

For students and families coming to campus for move-in day, please use the UNT Housing routes to campus that will guide you to your appropriate zone. Directions to each zone are:

Zone 1 – Santa Fe, Traditions and West

Zone 2 – Bruce, College Inn and Legends

Zone 3 – Clark, Honors, Mozart and Rawlins

Zone 4 – Crumley, Kerr, and Maple

Victory Hall

For UNT community members and those moving in to on-campus housing, the university also wants you to be aware of alternate routes to access the main Denton campus.

A map of these alternate routes can be found here. These include:

From Dallas – Take I-35E north, exiting at Fort Worth Drive and turning left on Eagle Drive, then right on Avenue C, or turning left on Oak Street and left onto Avenue C to access the main part of campus.

From Fort Worth – Take I-35W north, exiting at Bonnie Brae and turning right at Hickory Street, then right at Avenue C to access the main part of campus.

From Oklahoma/north of Denton – Take I-35 south, exiting at Oak Street and going left under the highway. Stay straight and continue on Hickory Street at the stoplight. Turn right on Avenue C to access the main part of campus.

How to learn more

The UNT community can stay updated on 35Express and nearby construction work affecting the campus by visiting The 35Express project also has a website with links to social media and email updates at For construction updates in real time, follow the 35Express Twitter account at @35Express.