April 15, 2020

Dear UNT students,

As educators, our purpose is you. We spend every day focused on helping each of you thrive, and we revel in your creativity, tenacity and brilliance. Our world has been shaken and that calls for a change in how we support you. We recognize that one of the biggest burdens many students are facing right now is financial insecurity. In an effort to ease some of the economic strain you may be experiencing, I want to let you know how UNT is trying to help.

First, we have made changes to the cost of enrolling in summer courses. For summer 2020 sessions, students will not have to pay some of the typical mandatory fees that help fund several support services on campus. This includes waivers of the Recreational Facility Fee, Student Union Fee, Medical Services Fee, Transportation Fee and Athletics Fee. We are able to do this because we have moved all in-person classes scheduled for the May session, Summer I and full summer sessions to online/remote delivery. Students can take advantage of these summer sessions and reduced costs to save money and stay on track to graduate on time.

Second, as you may already be aware, the federal government has provided a boost in student aid through the CARES Act. This funding allows us to greatly expand our emergency grants-in-aid program. This need-based aid is available for currently enrolled students as well as students who enroll in UNT summer sessions. The funds are intended to help students pay their bills and stay in school so they can earn their degrees as planned.

Applications for the emergency grants-in-aid program can be completed at https://tinyurl.com/UNTStudentSuccessFA. And, you can learn more about the cost of summer sessions by contacting Student Financial Services at sfs@unt.edu, online chat at sfs.unt.edu or by calling 940-565-3225.

I realize that emergency aid and fee waivers won't solve every problem. Times are tough, but so is our Mean Green Family. We will keep working on creative solutions to unprecedented problems. We will keep finding fresh ways to bring you the world-class education you deserve. You won't have to make it through these tough times alone. We're here to help you thrive because that's what we do.

UNT proud, 
Neal Smatresk
UNT President