Job Evaluation and Grading Project

Dear faculty and staff,

I’m proud of the work that’s taken place during the past two years to evolve UNT’s compensation and career strategies for all staff members. We launched the Job Evaluation and Grading Project for Staff in 2015 to make sure our job titles and descriptions were aligned to accurately reflect the work of each position. This was a massive undertaking that required significant work from more than 170 subject matter experts, our steering committee and core project team.

After evaluating each staff position on seven common factors as identified by Towers Watson — functional knowledge, business expertise, leadership skill, problem solving, nature of impact, area of impact and interpersonal skills required — each position was assigned a new title and pay grade based on the position’s specific qualifications.

This process resulted in the number of job titles growing from 250 to 605 and the creation of descriptions that most accurately depict the true work required of each position. We also established six separate pay structures based on market data, which allows us to provide compensation packages that better align with the current job market. 

Employees were informed of job grading results in September and title changes and compensation adjustments went into effect Oct. 1. We also established an appeals process to address perceptions of a position’s incorrect classification.

As I promised when we launched this project, no staff member lost their job or had their salary reduced. The Job Evaluation and Grading Project took place to ensure we remain competitive in the market, define avenues for career development and maintain a supportive environment for staff.

We have a great team at UNT, and I recognize the work you accomplish each day in support of our mission. Thank you for the integral role you fill in supporting our students’ success. My sincere thanks to those who worked so hard to complete this important project.

UNT Proud,

Neal Smatresk