Job Evaluation and Grading Project update

May 17, 2016

Dear staff members,

As our Job Evaluation and Grading Project continues, I want to thank the many employees who dedicated many hours to ensure this project is done right. The project is moving through what I think is a fair and thoughtful process.

The project is a deep dive to ensure that staff job titles, essential functions and knowledge, skills and abilities accurately reflect the requirements and work being performed. The project also will help us improve our structures for staff job progression, where applicable, and market competitive compensation.

Please remember that the goal is to review the job itself, not the staff member in that job. No one will take a pay cut or lose their jobs as part of this process. Instead, we believe that staff members will have a better sense of where they sit in an organization and their role and responsibilities.

I want to provide an update on how things are progressing.

  • The core project team of UNT System Human Resources professionals conducted more than 250 job grading sessions with nearly 170 subject matter experts from across the university. Together, these groups reviewed and graded staff jobs. The core project team met with each vice president to review how the initial grading results affected their respective areas, gathered their input and addressed any questions to this point.
  • The next step is to get input from the president’s cabinet and the steering committee on the grading results.
  • Meanwhile, the core project team is gathering and reviewing market data to establish pay structure recommendations, where necessary, for the steering committee. 
  • Job titles, job functions and job families also will begin to be identified based on the jobs that have been graded.
  • Once all the pieces are complete, the steering committee will make its recommendations to me.

We plan to complete the grading, market analysis, and job descriptions portions of the project by the end of the fall semester. Once we see the results and the impact across campus, we can develop a reasonable implementation process.

You can learn more about the Job Evaluation and Grading Project online, and can email additional questions about the project to

We look forward to a positive outcome that will mean more job clarity, stronger career pathways and more market competitive pay structures for our staff members. 

Our staff members are the backbone of this university and I’m so grateful for your hard work, dedication and belief in our mission. This project will ensure that you have the support you need to continue your great work.

UNT Proud,
Neal Smatresk
UNT President