Purchase order rollovers and IDT deadlines

Sept. 13, 2017

Dear UNT community,

We want to make you aware of two items that could affect your department’s finances, including an issue that has been identified and is being worked on and information for those who missed the FY17 deadline for IDTs.

UNT has been made aware that following the Sept. 9 purchase order rollover process, there was an issue that may impact your department. Financial officers, or anyone who handles purchase orders for your department, may find incorrect data in the pre-encumbrance (requisition, vacant position) and encumbrance (purchase order, filled position) fields in COGNOS.

Please take some time to review your COGNOS report and let Procurement Services know if you see an issue.

UNT System’s Business Support Services group is working on a solution and hopes to have the issue corrected by Sept. 22. Their group will send a note to users informing them when the correction is made. 

For those who need additional help or have additional questions, please contact Procurement Services at 940-369-5500 or toll-free at 855-868-4357.

Additionally, for those departments who missed the FY17 deadline for IDTs/ABAs, please note they will be handled as follows:

  • IDTs associated with internal income (6X accounts) and internal expenses (8X accounts) will be processed in FY18 unless you specifically request the IDT to be canceled.
  • IDTs reallocating revenue (4X accounts) or expenses (5X accounts) will be canceled. These transactions will need to be submitted as fund transfers on an ABA.

Please contact the Budget Office at Budget.Office@unt.edu for additional questions or concerns.