Recent global ransomware attack

Dear UNT System community members,

As many of you are already aware a global ransomware attack called “WannaCry” is affecting many large organizations worldwide. This is malware that encrypts files and spreads rapidly by infecting devices that are not updated or patched. It is extremely important we remain vigilant in protecting our community.

There are currently no detections of this ransomware within our organization. However, UNT System Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS) is currently scanning and searching for individual and shared files that are infected.

Faculty and staff should take the following steps to protect their computing devices:

  • Beware of phishing attempts. For more information about phishing and how you can protect yourself, visit:
  • Back up critical data
  • Be vigilant about safe email and web browsing
  • Please make sure to accept and allow the patches and updates that are routinely released to protect your device
  • Please make sure personal devices have antivirus when remotely accessing the VPN network 

If you think you have been impacted by the ransomware attack then contact your local IT help desk. Below is a list of university help desks:

UNTS help desk


UNT help desk


UNT Dallas help desk