Sign up for training about upgraded PeopleAdmin

Nov. 7, 2019

Dear UNT faculty and staff,

Training starts Monday, Nov. 11, for the soon-to-be-upgraded PeopleAdmin System used to access classification (job) descriptions, maintain position descriptions, post jobs and screen job applicants. The first two modules in the upgrade, Position Management (for classification and position descriptions) and Applicant Tracking, will launch on Sunday, Dec. 1.

Training will cover:

  • Accessing classifications descriptions (job descriptions)
  • Creating, updating and reclassifying position descriptions
  • Creating and posting a job opening
  • Moving candidates through the hiring process
  • Creating a hiring proposal

Here’s how to sign up for training:

  1. Access the Learning Portal at
  2. On the Learning Center, click on the Find Learning tile
  3. Search for PeopleAdmin
  4. Click on the enroll button for the desired class
  5. To view all registrations and to cancel, if necessary, go to your My Learning page (left column)
  6. Click on NavBar (top right corner) and select Learning Home

Learn more by visiting our PeopleAdmin website, including what to do if you are a hiring manager in the process of filling a position, and view the training schedule.

Two additional modules, Onboarding for All New Employees and Performance Management for Staff Employees, are scheduled to launch in Spring 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact or call 1-855-878-7650 and press No. 3.