Smatresk to sponsor systemwide IT projects

May 5, 2015

Dear community members,

As part of the UNT strategic planning for improving technology operations and infrastructure to help students, faculty and staff be more successful, UNT System Chancellor Lee Jackson, myself and the presidents of the UNT Health Science Center and UNT Dallas identified four key areas to improve information technology services, student success, customer service quality and overall strategic planning across all of our campuses. 

To help our campus and the others, I agreed to take on the role of executive sponsor for the systemwide IT projects going forward to ensure cohesive decision-making processes for all campuses so that IT services will best support our work and the needs of students.  

Working with Rama Dhuwaraha, our interim chief information officer for the UNT System, and partners across the system, we’ve identified key projects to address this academic calendar year. Rama is working to pull together teams from across the system campuses.

Top priority projects include:

  • Focusing on Data Warehousing, a system used for reporting and data analysis, so that we can store data accurately in one place. This will help us make better informed decisions to impact each student’s educational experiences. 
  • Acquiring and implementing a new Customer Relations Management and Marketing Automation System to optimize our interactions for recruiting prospective students and retaining information about prospective and enrolled students. 
  • Providing full mobility for all student functions so they can easily work from any mobile device as part of the overall “anytime-anywhere” strategy.
  • Upgrading PeopleSoft Financial Systems (ongoing since June 2014) as part of  the system’s overall Financial Transformation project for continued financial stability.

Other initiatives are in the planning stages.

I’m excited about how these projects will help our campuses progress. As we move forward with each of these projects, our IT infrastructure will help us build a stronger and better equipped university and UNT System.

UNT Proud,

Neal Smatresk