Speak Out UNT raises awareness about mental health and suicide

April 7, 2015

Dear UNT community,

UNT has one of the most caring campus communities I've ever experienced. We're there for each other and we support each other.

Like any family, we have members who sometimes go through tough times and need help. As a close-knit campus community, we're in a position to recognize when our students, our friends and our colleagues are facing emotional challenges. Most importantly, we have the power to act.

The university has formed the Mental Health Taskforce at UNT -- a university-wide committee of faculty, staff and students -- to create greater awareness about our programs, resources and prevention efforts related to mental health and suicide.

As part of this effort, we've launched Speak Out UNT, a campaign to promote good mental health and assist people in getting the help they need. We've created the website speakout.unt.edu as a one-stop location to help people easily find information about mental health resources available at UNT and in the Denton community. These resources are available to anyone in our campus community. When seeking help from mental health professionals, your information will remain confidential in accordance with state and federal laws.

We want to empower people. If you are facing a mental health issue, remember you're not alone. There is help. If you know someone who needs help, show them they are not alone by being their advocate and getting them access to help. By speaking out and showing that we as a community care, we can help erase the stigma that keeps people from getting the support they need.

The UNT family is here to support one another to be happy, healthy and successful. Through Speak Out UNT, we're reminding everyone that the first step to getting help or helping others is to speak out.

UNT proud,
Neal Smatresk