Students Working During Class - Policy Audit

UNT has a strong Student Employment program in which nearly 6,000 students are employed on-campus each semester. In order to assist supervisors of student employees, the “Employment of Students for Hourly Positions” policy provides vital information including hour and scheduling limitations.

In an effort to keep the university in compliance with the scheduling portion of this Policy as well as with other federal regulations regarding Work-Study funds, the Student Employment office will be conducting audits of students working during scheduled class times. For your quick reference, below are two sections of the Policy related to schedule restrictions for student employees and the authority of the Career Center to conduct audits of student employee records:

I. C. 4. Terms of Employment – Hour and Scheduling Limitations

                                 “Hiring Managers must not schedule or allow students to work during scheduled

                                class times.” (This includes posted exam times.)

VIII. Compliance

A.      “The Career Center is authorized to audit Hourly Student Employee records to ensure compliance with this policy and applicable federal and state laws.

B.      Hiring Managers are required to retain Hourly Student Employees’ class schedules and notification of employment offers, and to provide the records to the Career Center upon request.

To understand the severity of the issue, in pre-audit findings for October and November, there were over 3,000 incidents in which UNT students worked during class times in violation of university Policy.

In an effort to reach compliance, policy audits will be conducted beginning this month. Supervisors will be notified each month of any policy violations within their department. If violations persist, next-level supervisors and executive leaders will be notified of the violations. In addition, monthly violation reports will be sent to the Vice President of Student Affairs and members of the University Cabinet.

It is crucial that Work-Study students are in compliance with this Policy. Non-compliance may result in the loss of University Work-Study funding, the removal of student employment positions from departments in non-compliance, and disciplinary action for supervisors and departments. Compliance must be an expectation of student workers set by and enforced by the supervisor and department.  Students must provide current class schedules each semester to their supervisor, including when classes are dropped or added and posted exam times.

This Policy and other best practices are also addressed for student workers in Student Employee Orientation and for supervisors in Student Employment Policy Overview for Supervisors (register on the new learning portal).

Please assist us with reaching university-wide compliance.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Student Employment office at 940-565-2105 or by e-mailing You may also contact the Assistant Director for Student Employment, Travis Hicks, at 940-891-6996 or by e-mailing