April 25, 2018

Dear UNT faculty and staff,

As we strive to become a Best Place to Work, we've had lots of discussion this year about employee engagement and the Gallup Employee Engagement survey tool. Your increased participation is helping us move the needle forward. Thank you for participating.                                                             

As promised, the results are now available for review on the Employee Engagement page for anyone with an EUID and password. I hope you'll take some time to review them. UNT's overall score improved and many areas made great strides, but there is still progress to be made.

Please continue to provide your input, share suggestions and stories of success, and ask questions if you need help or have ideas by emailing our engagement team at engagement@unt.edu.

Each one of you is a vital part of the UNT family and we want to ensure our environment is one that fosters efficiency, effectiveness and teamwork. We will continue to administer the Gallup survey as a step in our cycle of continuous improvement, and I hope our response rate will continue to increase. But the survey is just one tool. We are also incorporating feedback from previous surveys to determine tactics to support our faculty and staff, and help with your professional growth.

Thanks for everything you do to foster a positive work environment and to support the UNT mission and our students. When we work together, we can accomplish anything.

UNT Proud,
Neal Smatresk