UPDATE: Texas State Service Verification Project

June 14, 2017

Dear UNT Faculty and Staff,

Thank you for your patience and your cooperation with verification of months of service for your personnel records. We need your assistance as we move closer to completing the Texas State Service Verification project. About 1,750 employees from all System campuses have not verified state service.

Please Verify Texas State Service

If you have not verified your Texas State Service, please do so by following these steps:

·         Log in to EIS (MyUNT).

·         Select the Human Resources tab.

·         A pop-up message will appear with an option to review service; follow the prompts.

·         If you disagree with the calculation, click “No,” and Human Resources Records team member will respond within 48 hours.

Previously Submitted Inquiries

If you have submitted a question, thank you for your patience as we continue to research these requests. We have about 3,000 outstanding inquiries, and we will reply as quickly as possible. As we have noted, there is no state depository for employment records and many UNT records were submitted years ago or not at all. Our goal is to have accurate records for you as we prepare for transition to an automated system.


Staff Members

Please note that this project has NO relation to retirement service credit. The Texas State Service Verification project affects only benefits associated with vacation and longevity pay. Individuals employed at a Texas state agency AND assigned to a vacation/longevity pay eligible position are included in this project.

Hourly Employees

State service is recorded only for work performed. Service is not credited for an entire pay period if no work is performed during that pay period.

Faculty Members

While faculty are not eligible for vacation and longevity pay, we still record months of state service within Texas in the event that an individual transfers to a non-faculty role.

More Information

·         Texas state service FAQs updated (attached).

·         Months of Service in EIS now display the number of state service days credited per month/year.

·         The verification page allows employees to better review updated information.

For those who have verified your information, viewing your Texas state agency employment periods can be done by:

·         Logging on to EIS (MyUNT).

·         Select the Human Resources tab.

·         Select the Texas Service – Review Months of Service link.

·         The display is real time, and will include any recorded adjustments.

We will continue to provide status updates throughout the closure of this project. We again thank you for your responses, feedback, and patience.

For questions or concerns as we work through the remaining emails, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or contact UNT System Human Resources:

·         Email:  stateservice@untsystem.edu

·         Phone: 1-855-878-7650, Option 4, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday


Dorothy Cummings, MS-HRM
Records Manager
UNT System Human Resources