Willis Library green space project to begin first week of July

A new Facilities project will start soon to beautify and better utilize the grassy area between the Hurley Administration Building and Willis Library.

The project’s first phase is expected to begin the first week of July and continue through September.

During the first couple of weeks, gas-powered saws will be used to remove the concrete on the southwest side of Hurley. Due to the demolition and new construction, the sidewalk and the back automatic door of Hurley will be blocked. The front automatic door will still be in use. All pedestrian through-traffic will be routed around the east end of Hurley.

Service vehicle parking around the Willis Library field and behind Willis Library will be blocked. When the project is finished, two service parking spaces will remain behind the library. The service vehicle parking west of Lot 1 between Hurley and the Music Building is expected to remain open and accessible during this project.

The UPS pick-up box behind Hurley will be unavailable. Please drop off packages at Eagle Post on the bottom floor of the University Union or use the drop box located outside of the Union near Union Circle.