Study Abroad

Want to increase your chances for employment or admission to graduate school? Looking for ways to graduate in four years or less? Want to experience the world firsthand while earning academic credit? Then choose to study abroad.

You can enjoy life-changing and rewarding experiences by participating in one of the University of North Texas' Study Abroad programs. Studying abroad is more than just learning languages and sightseeing. It encompasses internships, research, service learning and hands-on practical learning experiences inside and outside the traditional classroom.

What is study abroad?

UNT's Study Abroad programs allow you to earn academic credit while immersing yourself in a different culture. We offer 1,500 programs that vary in duration and type in 90 countries.

Some programs are as short as a week, while others are as long as an academic year. The program types include faculty-led, exchange, affiliated, research, internship and service learning programs.

Many programs offer classes taught entirely in English, even in places where English isn't the local language, such as China.

Why study abroad?

Research shows that students who study abroad:

  • Graduate quicker
  • Perform better academically when they return to campus
  • Have a higher rate of success securing employment or being accepted to graduate or professional schools

Other reasons to study abroad include developing or improving foreign language skills, gaining a better understanding of how the world relates to your field of interest and to experience the world in a meaningful way beyond tourism.

What can I study?

Programs are available for almost every major and academic term. Students typically take four to six courses in programs lasting a semester or one to two courses during winter and summer programs. In consultation with your academic advisor, you decide if you want to:

  • Take general core, major, minor, elective or language courses
  • Conduct research
  • Engage in service learning
  • Participate in an internship

How do I pay to study abroad?

You can fund a study abroad program through financial aid, scholarships, working and saving or fundraising. The Study Abroad Office partners with the financial aid office and the Student Money Management Center each semester to offer several workshops about funding study abroad and the importance of developing a funding plan.

How do I get started?

You should start planning at least one year prior to applying for a program. This gives you ample time to work out the financial matters and your course needs. We also suggest:

  • Talking to your academic advisor to determine the best classes to take abroad, if there are any restrictions on taking courses outside of UNT and to determine the best time to study abroad
  • Attending a Study Abroad 101 general information session to learn about the different program types, how to navigate the study abroad website, available funding resources and the next steps to get started
  • Researching programs, their application deadlines and funding options to determine which program(s) may fit your academic, financial and personal needs
  • Meeting with a study abroad advisor for a one-on-one consultation to review application processes, determine estimated costs for a program, how to find courses and answer any other questions you may have