Alternative Service Break advisors needed

Nov. 6, 2019

The Center for Leadership and Service is seeking full-time faculty and staff to serve as Alternative Service Break advisors for upcoming trips. ASB provides a unique learning experience for students as they engage in direct service in a social issue they are interested in while being immersed in a community and culture. Teams are student-led and accompanied by advisors to destinations within driving distance in the southern U.S. Throughout the trip, students participate in a variety of educational and reflective activities to enhance their service experience.

All full-time faculty and staff are eligible to serve as trip advisors with supervisor permission. In addition to serving as a resource for logistics and budget matters, the advisor helps to guide participants through the experience and engage them in the learning and interactions that happen on an ASB trip. There is no cost to advisors or their departments to participate in the program beyond the advisor’s time.

The program offers a potential development opportunity for faculty and staff to:

  • connect with students they may not interact with otherwise
  • engage in students’ learning on social issues, teamwork, critical thinking, communication and social/civic responsibility
  • aid in students’ development in articulating how what they are learning in the classroom connects to their experience and how these skills will benefit them in their future careers

Social issues that are the focus of upcoming trips include:

Winter (Jan. 4-11)

  • Human trafficking
  • Disaster relief
  • Housing insecurity
  • Gender and sexuality focused on spirituality
  • Children’s health

Spring (March 7-14)

  • Refugee resettlement
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Public health
  • Children’s health
  • Housing insecurity focused on youth and education
  • Animal welfare
  • Public health focused on substance use
  • Criminal justice system

For more information, email Tricia Rodriguez, director of the Center for Leadership and Service, or call her at 940-565-3885.