Campus Smiles offers faculty and staff discount package on Invisalign

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Located in Chestnut Hall, Rm 154, Campus Smiles is a full service dental office for UNT and the greater Denton community. With an experienced staff of licensed professionals, the office provides discounted rates, accepts all major PPO insurance plans and can accommodate emergency appointments. 
The Campus Smiles Dental Office is providing a Summer Invisalign Special exclusively to UNT faculty and staff, which includes the following:
• Free consultation and x-rays
• $1,000 Discount on *Full Cases or $500 off Lite/Express Cases 
• Free custom teeth whitening trays post treatment
"Invisalign Full" therapy is typically reserved for longer, more involved cases while Lite and Express therapies are less complicated and have a shorter duration.
Call the office at 940-273-2184 (or campus ext. 7334) to schedule your free consultation or visit Campus Smiles online for more information.