In case you missed it: Bob Brown recognized staff members and addressed key initiatives at Staff Sack Lunch

Staff gathered as The Military Order of the Purple Heart designated UNT as a Purple Heart University on Thursday, May 3, during the President’s Staff Sack Lunch. The honor recognizes UNT’s commitment to serving veterans and their families, and celebrates all members of the UNT community who serve or have served in the military.

Vice president of Finance and Administration Bob Brown addressed key initiatives, answered questions and celebrated those who were recognized for outstanding service during the second President’s Staff Sack Lunch of the academic year.

Groups recognized include:

Topics covered by Bob Brown, either in his question-and-answer session or his opening remarks can be found here.

If you missed the sack lunch, you can view it on demand. See a comprehensive list of those recognized below.

President’s Sack Lunch award winners and recognition

Outstanding Departments

Office of Outreach, Division of Enrollment

Rehabilitation and Health Services, Division of Academic Affairs

Soaring Eagles

Group Awards

Advancement Services

Printing and Distribution Solutions - Bindery Department

Printing and Distribution Solutions - Eagle Images

Printing and Distribution Solutions - Mail Services

Printing and Distribution Solutions - Press Department

Individual Awards

Ruben Alvarado, Biological Sciences

Tom Augsburger, Advancement

Sian Brannon, Libraries

Catherine Brown, UIT

Mary Chandler, Dean of Students

Andy Crerar, Athletics

Van Cross, Facilities-Custodial

Megan Cunningham, TAMS

Melanie Dewey, Computer Science

Lori Duvall, Rec Sports

Nancy Ellis, Philosophy&ReligionDouglas Anderson

Matthew Fenton,  IT Services

Gruver Eric ,Honors College

Brandy Gunels Johnson, Sociology

Katie Herring, VPRI

Joanna Hussey, Vice Provost Academic Affairs

Abbie Huzarevich, PDS

Becca Icossipentarhos, Facilities

Brandon James, Facilities

Jill King, URCM

Kristina Leyden, Teacher Education

Ellen Martin, HPS- Dean's Office

Glenn Mayo, Tech Transfer&Economic

Nick Nagel, Athletics

Kelley Reese, URCM

Gayle Rogers, Rehab&Health Service

Jessica Scott, Provost

Asia Short, Facilities

Debbi Stack, Business Info Tech

Doug Turnage, Facilities-Recylcling

Megan Wheeler, Office of The President

Yvette Whitworth, Toulouse Grad School

Sue Wood, Libraries

Star Performers

Erin Allice, Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Bruce Anthony, Facilities

Thomas Augsburger, Advancement

Charles Bishop, Business Information Technology Services

Christopher Boesch, Police Services

Alvin Bradley, Facilities

Daniel Bruce, Police Services

Randy Burrow, College of Engineering Information Technology Services

Ed  Carrigan, Facilities

Eddie Cates, Facilities

Payton Climer, College of Engineering Information Technology Services

Eleanor Conrad, Claffey Advancement

Diana Cooley, College of Music

Mark Coomes, Facilities

Olivia Countryman, Chemistry

Kevin Crawford, Police Services

Nicholas Daniel, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

Holly Decker, Physics

Deborah Driver, Advancement

Shanna Drury, Advancement

Raylon Dukes, Facilities

Lisa Dunlop, Materials Science and Engineering

Cindy Dutton, College of Engineering

Brandi Everett, College of Business

De'ambra Faye, Data Analytics and Institutional Research

Matthew Fenton, Administrative Information Technology Services

John Fryar, Facilities

Ana Garcia, Faculty Success

Samuel Gist, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

Linda Godoy, Police Services

Kayla Green, College of Engineering

Bobby Grimes, Engineering Technology

James Harwell, Facilities

Harold Hitt, Police Services

KJ Jones, Facilities

Julie Kirkland, College of Science Student Services

Shawn Koehen, Police Services

Brandon Lacy, Facilities

Todd Lang, College of Science Student Services

Jenna Ledford, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

Procoro Lopez, Facilities

Lisa Martin, College of Engineering

Jesses McBroom, Advancement

Rick McCormick, Facilities

Pamela Milner, College of Business Academic Advising

Sharukh Mithano, University Information Technology

Kim Nguyen, Facilities

Lynette O'Keefe, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

Randy Oliver, Facilities

Peter Palacios, Facilities

Christiane Paris, Police Services

Ashley Parsons, Materials Science and Engineering

Gregory Pendegraft, Facilities

AJ Ponce, College of Engineering Information Technology Services

Melody Pratt, Management

Earl Ramsey, Facilities

Paulo Rico, Facilities

Lorenzo Robles, College of Science Information Technology Services

Barbara Sanchez, Management

Monica Scott-Taliaferro, University Information Technology

Lou Sheppard, Facilities

Neely Shirey, Facilities

Asia Short, Facilities

Karl Skaar, Asset Management

Blair Smith, College of Business

Cheryl Smith, Facilities

David Smith, Facilities

Rachel Smith, College of Business Academic Advising

Sheri Snyder, Advancement

Amaya Spencer, World Languages, Literature, and Cultures

Daniel Suda, Advancement

Stacy Suits, College of Business

Cathy Turner, Mayborn School of Journalism

Gabriel Vega, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

Alma Vega de Hernandez, Facilities

Margaret Vestal, Office of the Provost

Jasmin Vissage, College of Business

Emily Voelkel, Police Services

Ellen Wall, Facilities

Robert Watling, Office of the Provost

Brian Welch, Facilities

Yvette Whitworth, Toulouse Graduate School

Michael Wilhelmi, Police Services

Hope Wilkinson, VP for Academic Administration

Terry Wilson, Facilities

Trey Wilson, Facilities

Supervisory Building Blocks Graduates

Jeremy  Berg, University Library

Carolyn Blevins, Housing Administration

Sandra Bray, Career Center

Betty Brooks, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Stacy Buchanan, Toulouse Graduate School

Lauren Burton, TRiO

Aundrea Caraway, Student Affairs

Laura Carson, College of Science

Paula Charles, Financial Aid

Vickie Coffey, Risk Management

Lawrence  Collamer, Risk Management

Nicole Conant, UNT International

Eleanor Conrad Claffey, Advancement

Karen Dean, TRiO

Carla Dixson, Financial Aid

Dionna Duong, University Library

Hannah Eblen, Dean of Students

Brandi Everett, College of Business

Amy Ferman, Career Center

Amanda Fitch, Residence Hall Operations

Rose Fleeks, Student Health and Wellness

Jack Fraser, University Relations, Communications and Marketing

Perri Hamilton, University Library

Karen Harker, University Library

Rebecca How, Learning Technologies

Judy Hunter, University Library

Joanna Hussey, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Anam Iqbal, Admissions

Christopher Ives, Dining Services

Jamal Jackson, College of Music

Rachel Jackson, Residence Hall Operations

Natarsha Joseph-Hall, Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Kelsey Kunkle, Student Affairs

Eva Lozano, TRiO

Marcia McIntosh, University Library

Steven Meehin, Union Administration

Rodney Mitchell, Awarded Posthumously

Quortina Phipps, Career and Leadership

Erica Reaves Breeding, Parking Services

Sergio Renovato, Union Administration

Michael Rodgers, Facilities

Allyson Rodriguez, University Library

Isaiah Ross, Student Affairs

Randy Salsman, Facilities

Sara Saringer, University Information Technology

John Shelton, Student Health and Wellness

Laura Stapleton, Student Health and Wellness

Georgianna Stone, Counseling and Testing

Kyle Tilton, Recreational Sports

Gina Vanacore, Housing Administration

Bradley Varcoe, Police Services

Jasmin Vissage, College of Business

Joshua Walton, Student Affairs

Benjamin Warren, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Angilee Wilkerson, University Relations, Communications and Marketing

Shannon Willis, University Library

Susan Wood, University Library

Damiri Young, University Information Technology