Employees need to review 2016 Service Award list for accuracy

The 2016 Service Award Ceremony will be held in March, 2017. All employees should review the Service Award recipient list below to ensure the accuracy of the data as it pertains to them.

Recipients who will be recognized at the 2016 Service Award Ceremony are those who met a five-year service milestone during the 2016 calendar year. Service time considered in the calculation of Service Award time is time served in a qualifying job type. Some examples of non-qualifying job types are student positions (regular student assistants and graduate positions), adjunct, non-student hourly, fellowships, tasks, etc. The department listed is the department assigned to the specific position number each employee occupies regardless of the sub-department or location in which the employee works. 

If you feel that your data is incorrect or that you should or should not be included in the list, please contact Rhonda Arthur at HRAdministration@untsystem.edu or (940) 565-4363 by Dec. 16, 2016


Milestone           Name and Department

5              Shirley Agustin, College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism

5              Naomi Alvarado, History

5              Albert Anaya, Psychology

5              Shauna Barbato, College at Frisco

5              Enrique Barbieri, Engineering Technology

5              Jennifer Barnes, Jazz Studies

5              Stephen Bean, Police Services

5              Kathryn Beasley, College of Engineering

5              Cheryl Benningfield, Space Management and Planning

5              Christopher Boesch, Police Services

5              Miriam Boesch, Educational Psychology

5              Betty Brooks, Texas Academy of Math and Science

5              Barrett Bryant, Computer Science and Engineering

5              Lauren Burton, UNT TRiO

5              Douglas Campbell, University Library

5              Daphne Capparelli, Instrumental Studies

5              Aundrea Caraway, Orientation and Transition

5              Clinton Carlson, Design

5              Robert Carroll, Facilities

5              Scottie Carter, Facilities

5              David Causey, Police Services

5              Mei Chang, Educational Psychology

5              Christa Coffey, Student Affairs

5              William Cotter, Financial Aid

5              Rosa De la Rosa, Facilities

5              Matthieu De Wein, Office of Disability Accommodation

5              Jessica Deleon, University Relations, Communications, and Marketing

5              Susan Dinaro, Police Services

5              Jonathan Dowd, Risk Management Services

5              Nancy Dreessen, International Affairs

5              Francis D'souza, Chemistry

5              Nancy Ellis, Philosophy and Religion Studies

5              Landon Ellison, Outreach and Recruitment

5              Nancy Fire, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

5              Lior Fishman, Mathematics

5              Alissa Flores, International Affairs

5              Jacob Flores, University Information Technology

5              Rosa Fonseca, Honors College

5              John Fryar, Facilities

5              Kasia Garcia, Speech and Hearing Sciences

5              Paula Garland, Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation

5              Gary Glass, Physics

5              Johnathan Gonzales, Housing-Custodial

5              Lindsay Goodman, Registrar

5              Rachel Hall, College of Information

5              Susan Hargrove, Health and Wellness

5              Jonathan Harper, Athletics

5              Cyrus Haskell, College of Arts and Sciences - Information Technology Services

5              Linda Heidler, International Affairs

5              Cynthia Hermann, Health and Wellness

5              Krista Hines, Mathematics

5              Bryan Holdegraver, Police Services

5              Mei Hoyt, Teacher Education and Administration

5              Amanda Johnson, College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism

5              Justin Jones, English

5              Maggie Jones, College of Engineering

5              Sonia Juarez, Facilities

5              Spencer Keralis, University Library

5              Yonathan Khoe, University Information Technology

5              Dan Kim, Information Technology and Decision Sciences

5              Young Kim, Hospitality and Tourism

5              Glen Knight-Carr, University Relations, Communications, and Marketing

5              Karen Knotts, Health and Wellness

5              Ana Krahmer, University Library

5              Tyler Kuckelman, Learning Technologies

5              Christopher Lam, Technical Communication

5              Martha Lathrop, Environmental Education, Science, and Technology

5              Hyunju Lee, International Affairs

5              Jianchao Li, Research and Economic Development

5              Xiaohua Li, Mechanical and Energy Engineering

5              Donna Lohr, Information Technology and Decision Sciences

5              Kimberly Luevano, Instrumental Studies

5              Xiaozhong Luo, College of Engineering

5              Tammy McDaniel, College of Engineering

5              Royce McKinney, Housing-Custodial

5              Sean McNamara, Career Center

5              Steven Meehin, Union Administration

5              Luwis Mhlanga, Hospitality and Tourism

5              Rajiv Mishra, Materials Science and Engineering

5              Erika Mondragon, Facilities

5              Eileen Moran, Advancement Services

5              Erica Morris, Dining-Retail

5              Courtney Newsome, Student Affairs

5              Lindsey Nieswiadomy, Design

5              Tiffany ONeal, Financial Aid

5              Edrie Ormand, Auxiliary Services

5              Molly Orr, Union Administration

5              Maria Ortega, Dining-Residential

5              Alison Pelzel, Budget Office

5              Kelly Perry, Advancement Services

5              William Pingry, Facilities

5              Alexandra Ponette, Geography

5              Kelley Pound, University Relations, Communications, and Marketing

5              Sarah Pratt, Teacher Education and Administration

5              Elizabeth Prosek, Counseling and Higher Education

5              Ralph Pyke, Athletics

5              Cherish Qualls, Mechanical and Energy Engineer

5              Kurt Rahmlow, Art Education and Art History

5              Wesley Randall, Marketing and Logistics

5              Kelly Reyna, Biological Sciences

5              Jesse Riley, Dining-Residential

5              Leslie Roberts, Community and Professional Programs

5              Darriell Robinson, Financial Aid

5              Brett Robison, Registrar

5              Timothy Rouse, Facilities

5              James Ryon, Instrumental Studies

5              Susan Sanders, Advancement Services

5              Jeffrey Sansom, Printing and Distribution Solutions

5              David Schultz, Research and Economic Development

5              Lisa Schulz, Counseling and Higher Education

5              Kristopher Selby, University Library

5              Judson Sexton, International Affairs

5              Sheldon Shi, Mechanical and Energy Engineer

5              Jeremy Smith, College of Education-Office of Technology

5              Melanie Sosinski, International Affairs

5              Deanna Taylor, College of Business-Academic Advising

5              James Taylor, Facilities

5              Luke Taylor, Facilities

5              Huong Tran, Mathematics

5              Andrea Tuckness, Center for Acheivment and Lifelong Learning

5              Patrick Turnock, Texas Academy of Math and Science

5              Nichole Tyler, Library and Information Sciences

5              Pascual Vasquez, Mail Services

5              Elias Vazques, Facilities

5              Alma Vega de Hernandez, Facilities

5              Heather Vidaurri, Chemistry

5              Lisa Vining, English

5              Alicia Wallace, Center for Information and Learning Technology

5              Chiachih Wang, Psychology

5              Martha Welch, History

5              Ellen Whatley, College of Public Affairs and Community Service

5              Steven Widmer, Mathematics

5              Joel Wiley, College of Music

5              Kyle Wood, Union Administration

5              Rex Wright, Psychology

10           Cheri Adler, College Of Business

10           Loretta Barthold, College of Business-Academic Advising

10           Melissa Bjelde, Police Services

10           Chrisana Black, Financial Aid

10           Wayne Blankenship, Facilities

10           Raymond Brown, Facilities

10           Stacy Buchanan, College Of Business

10           Rebecca Cagle, Office of Disability Accommodation

10           Ronald Carriveau, Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

10           Charlene Case, Biology

10           Danielle Champagne, Student Money Management Center

10           Ryan Comfort, Recreational Sports

10           RoyAnn Cox, College Of Education

10           Laura Davis, Behavior Analysis

10           David Denny, Registrar

10           Jennifer Divecchia, Health and Wellness

10           Jackie Durrett, Police Services

10           Melissa Eenigenburg, College of Arts and Sciences - Student Services

10           Bobbie Finck, University Library

10           Laura Flowers, College of Arts and Sciences-Student Services

10           Lisa Frausto, Facilities

10           Martha Garber, Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation

10           Patricia Graham, Parking Services

10           John Green, Facilities

10           Jennifer Grund, College of Visual Arts and Design

10           Kevin Haney, Transfer Articulation

10           Jill Harold, International Affairs

10           Sabina Hernandez, Registrar

10           Victor Hernandez, Housing-Custodial

10           Jeffery Hilliard, Facilties

10           Carla Houser, Psychology

10           Julie Howell, College of Business-Academic Advising

10           Raelyn Huzarevich, Printing and Distribution Solutions

10           Deanne Hyde, Health and Wellness

10           Lucas Imel, Asset Management

10           Ollie Jordan, Dining-Residential

10           Kathy Kamp, Police Services

10           Jacob King, University Relations, Communications and Marketing

10           Sally Kloppe, International Affairs

10           Sujay Lama, Athletics

10           John Luetkemeyer, University Library

10           Melissa McGuire, Student Affairs

10           Grady Miles, Printing and Distribution Solutions

10           Amanda Montgomery, University Library

10           Daniel Moss, Residence Hall Operations

10           Laura Musgrove, Educational Psychology

10           Jonathan Piott, Administrative Information Technology Services

10           Jeremy Polk, Police Services

10           Paulo Rico, Facilities

10           Byrle Roberts, Facilities

10           Ana Rodriguez, Police Services

10           Jose Rojas, Facilities

10           Veronica Sanchez, Dining-Residential

10           Miriam Sheehan, Texas Municipal Clerks

10           David Sims, Facilities

10           Sarah Smith, University Library

10           Christopher Turner, Police Services

10           Maria Weaver, Dining-Residential

10           Christian Wells, Union Administration

15           Amie Adelman, Studio Art

15           Miriam Aguillar, Facilities

15           Elizabeth Assaad, College of Engineering

15           Stephen Austin, Vocal Studies

15           Helen Bailey, Facilities

15           Mary Ann Barber, Mathematics

15           David Barkenhagen, Facilities

15           Anthony Bell, Facilities

15           Eric Capper, Athletics

15           Eric Chester, Office of Grants and Contracts Administration

15           Guy Chet, History

15           Susanne Coffey, College of Visual Arts and Design

15           Mary C Estes, Educational Psychology

15           Amy Ferman, Career Center

15           Paul Flaa, Facilities

15           Carmen Garza, Housing Administration

15           West Gilbreath, Police Services

15           Kiersty Hendrix, College of Arts and Sciences-Student Services

15           Brian Henry, Union Administration

15           Lisa Henry, Anthropology

15           Dustin Hill, Athletics

15           Benjamin Inn, Registrar

15           Randalynn Johnson, Office of Disability Accommodation

15           Mary Jones, Information Technology and Decision Sciences

15           Bharath Josiam, Hospitality and Tourism

15           Robin Lakes, Dance and Theatre

15           Joey Macaraeg, Center for Learning and Information Technology

15           Maria Martinez, Housing-Custodial

15           Jennifer McDonald, Teach North Texas

15           Jennifer McLendon, Enrollment Management

15           Rachel McMullen, Athletics

15           Ami Moore, Sociology

15           Maria Muniz, Spanish

15           John Murphy, Jazz Studies

15           Mohammad Omary, Chemistry

15           Tami Patterson, Academic Resources

15           Jason Peacock, Admissions

15           Daniel Peak, Information Technology and Decision Sciences

15           John Peters, English

15           Martine Price, Spanish

15           Maria Pulido, Facilities

15           Brian Richardson, Communication Studies

15           Keitha Robertson, Registrar

15           Eva Ruiz-DuVall, Geography

15           Kelly Sargent, Police Services

15           James Scott, Instrumental Studies

15           Shaun Seibel, University Library

15           Louie Sheppeard, Facilities

15           Stephen Slottow, College of Music-History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology

15           Marta Smith, Facilities

15           Luz Suarez, Facilities

15           Hillary Talatzko, Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation

15           Melissa Tanner, Anthropology

15           Greta Taylor, Health and Wellness

15           Cecilia Thomas, Community and Professional Programs

15           Lacey Thompson, Financial Aid

15           Elizabeth Thomsett-Scott, University Library

15           Nicole Trower, Parking Services

15           Cynthia Trussell, Learning Technologies

15           Robert Upchurch, English

15           Angela Vanecek, College of Visual Arts and Design

15           Manuel Walker, Advancement Services

15           Michael Washington, Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

15           Christina Wasson, Anthropology

15           Janelle West, University Library

15           Timothy Wilson, Dance and Theatre

15           Jiyoung Yoon, Spanish

20           Michael Ashbaugh, Athletics

20           Mark Bergstrom, Police Services

20           Shobhana Chelliah, Linguistics

20           Christopher Cunningham, University Library

20           Dornith Doherty, Studio Art

20           James Flowers, University Library

20           Alicia Gober, Facilities

20           Christine Hansel, Printing and Distribution Solutions

20           Laura Holliman, Counseling and Higher Education

20           Lee Hughes, Biology

20           America Jacinto, Housing-Custodial

20           Gerardo Jalapa, Facilities

20           Anthony Karkhoff, Gateway Center

20           Maria Marrero, Spanish

20           Susan Martinka, College of Arts and Sciences

20           John Mayfield, College of Public Affairs and Community Service-General Access Lab

20           Joseph McMullen, Union Administration

20           William Moen, Honors College

20           Jon Nelson, College of Music

20           Teresa Olivarez, Dining-Residential

20           John Quintanilla, Mathematics

20           Douglas Root, Biology

20           Jeffrey Rous, Economics

20           Cinnamon Sheffield, Athletics

20           Janie Stidham, Design

20           Elizabeth With, Division of Student Affairs

25           Ginger Boone, Administrative Information Technology Services

25           Velma Brock, Registrar

25           Douglas Brozovic, Mathematics

25           Mary Chandler, Learning Technologies

25           Timothy Christian, College of Arts and Sciences

25           Charles Deussen, Printing and Distribution Solutions

25           David Garrett, Materials Science and Engineering

25           Joseph Iaia, Mathematics

25           Robert Jessup, Studio Art

25           Virginia Jones, Management

25           Leon Kappelman, Information Technology and Decision Sciences

25           Kimberly Kelly, Psychology

25           Jill King, University Relations, Communications and Marketing

25           John Ligon, College of Visual Arts and Design

25           Nancy Lillie, Management

25           James Meernik, Political Science

25           Angela Millican, Toulouse Graduate School

25           Debra Olivarez, Police Services

25           Trent Petrie, Psychology

25           Alexander Pettit, English

25           Victor Prybutok, Toulouse Graduate School

25           Sandra Quintanilla, Physics

25           Brenda Ritz, Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

25           Desiree Robison, College of Business-Academic Advising

25           Richard Rogers, Psychology

25           Mazhar Siddiqi, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

25           Dee Wilson, Merchandising and Digital Retailing

30           Robert Benjamin, Biology

30           Peggy Burnside, Texas Municipal Clerks

30           Jesse Eschbach, Keyboard Studies

30           Guenter Gross, Biology

30           Perri Hamilton, University Library

30           Cece Hannah, Political Science

30           Barbara Howe, Kinesiolgy, Health Promotion, and Recreation

30           Debra Jones, Facilities

30           Jeanie McMahan, College of Education-Academic Advising

30           Jo Monahan, University Library

30           Julie Renner, Texas Academy of Math and Science

30           Michael Richmond, Chemistry

30           Becky Starr, Admissions

30           Clifton Watkins, Psychology

35           Donna Arnold, University Library

35           Perinkolam Chandrasekaran, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

35           Gregory Forte, Facilities

35           Alan Kvanli, Information Technology and Decision Sciences

35           Glenda Kyser, University Library

35           Mark Madlock, Dining-Residential

35           Carolyn Mitchell, Admissions

35           John Scott, Instrumental Studies

35           Ben Sheffield, Facilities

35           Stephen Timmons, Biology

40           Harlan Butt, Studio Art

40           Donald Little, Instrumental Studies

50           Randolph Campbell, History

50           D Harland Hagler, History