Finance and Administration’s annual meeting yields large food pantry donation

The Division of Finance and Administration’s annual meeting was May 24 and resulted in 1,000 pounds of food to feed students in need. 

To foster creativity and teamwork, the cans, boxes and other food items were used to construct food art – a giant pizza, a castle, the Empire State building with King Kong. After the team build, the food was collected and donated to the pantry.

“Our staff members work hard every day to support students and the UNT community, so we welcomed another chance to help students,” says Bob Brown, vice president for Finance and Administration.

Once the division’s meeting was over, staff from the Dean of Students office -- which operates the food pantry -- picked up the donations, enough to fill a Suburban.

“The significance of this donation cannot be overstated,” says Rodney Mitchell, associate dean of students. “It can be difficult to procure donations for the summer months. Receiving the donation from the Division of Finance and Administration helps ensure students will have access to food over the summer and will help us start the fall semester with food in the pantry.”

The division is the official summer partner of the UNT Food Pantry – but Mitchell says that others who want to help this summer can still donate food or volunteer. Volunteers are especially needed in the summer and at the beginning of each long semester to help inventory and organize donations.

To donate or volunteer, please contact the Dean of Students Office.