Kanopy and other video streaming available from the UNT library

UNT Libraries provide access to over 35,000 online videos covering a wide variety of topics and disciplines, including fine arts, anthropology, education, history, business, environmental sciences, linguistics, gender studies, disability studies and political science. These videos can be incorporated into curriculum for both in-person and online courses or used to supplement learning outside of class.

Kanopy Streaming includes thousands of online videos on subjects including fashion, literature, social science, media & communications and applied sciences. In Kanopy you can also create playlists, video clips and watch lists to share with students.

UNT Libraries Video on Demand Collection contains around 800 online videos. Many of these were selected specifically in response to curricular or research needs of UNT faculty and cannot be found in other online academic collections. Alexander Street Press includes a wide variety of academic video collections including Dance, Education, Human Rights Studies, Counseling and Therapy and Ethnographic Video Online as well as documentary material from both PBS and 60 Minutes. Like Kanopy, Alexander Street allows you to edit and share videos in a variety of ways. Sage Research Methods Videos provides tutorials, case studies, expert interviews and more. From the platform, you can browse by methods, such as survey, SPSS, normal distribution, etc.; by discipline, such as communication and media studies, marketing, psychology, business, and more; or by video type, such as definitions, tutorials, lectures, interviews, etc.


Other online video collections include Ambrose Video, Masterworks and the National Geographic Video Collection.

In addition to all this great content the Media Library can often license online video that is not already included in one of our collections. For more information about obtaining a license for a film or for questions about general rights and usage issues of online video please contact the Media Library.