In case you missed it: staff recognized and key initiatives addressed at Staff Sack Lunch

Staff gathered to hear President Neal Smatresk address key initiatives and answer questions and to celebrate with peers who were recognized for outstanding service during the second President’s Staff Sack Lunch of the academic year.

Groups recognized include:

Employees who are either enrolled in or have graduated from a degree or certificate program and graduates of Supervisory Building Blocks program were also recognized

Topics covered by President Smatresk, either in his question-and-answer session or his opening remarks included:

  • Iniatives around process improvement
  • Ways to ensure that UNT is a global leader through our distance learning programs
  • Where the university stands on the addition of a baseball team
  • The new provost’s responsibilities
  • The future of parking

If you missed the sack lunch, you can view it on demand. See a comprehensive list of those recognized below.


President’s Sack Lunch award winners and recognition

Outstanding Committees

President’s Committee on Staff Senate

Wingspan Gala and Eli Young Band Concert Committees


Outstanding Department

Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism, Undergraduate Advising


Soaring Eagles

Group Award

Printing and Distribution Solutions, Bindery Department Ed Martin

                Randy Grives

                Jeff Sansom

                Kim Williams

Taylor Cameron, Dean of Students          

Ann Carter, Advancement           

Suzan Cruz, Dining          

Tristan Dang, Technical Communication

Gladys Figueroa, Facilities            

Randy Fischer, Printing and Distribution Solutions            

Lydia Fleming, Facilities

Clarissa Hutkowski, University Information Technology Services

Lynda Hutson, Facilities

Raza Jalilian, Facilities    

Kirk Lowe, Facilities        

Katy McDaniel, Registrar              

Tami Patterson, Academic Resources     

Joan Powers, Registrar  

Rachel Raadt, Facilities  

Julie Renner, Texas Academy of Math and Science            

Mary Ridgway, Registrar              

Cheryl Swatloski, Printing and Distribution Solutions       

Luke Taylor, Facilities     

Shinara Weathersby, Registrar  

Kathryn Welch, Public Administration    

Star Performers

Angie Alberts, Facilities

Elizabeth Assaad, College of Engineering

Lori Barthold, College of Business Advising

Laura Beauchamp, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Cynthia Belew, Honors College

Tony Bell, Facilities

Doris Britt, Police Services

Laren Burnaugh, College of Business

Donna Cain, Biomedical Engineering

Daivid Causey, Police Services

Sam Chambliss, Facilities

Mary Chandler, Learning Technologies

LeAnne Coffey, Library and Information Science

Mary Collins, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Erin Day, College of Business Academic Advising

Stephanie Deacon, Computer Science and Engineering

Ricky Fields, Facilities

Peggy Foster, Electrical Engineering

Lisa Gage, Economics

Tina Garza, Facilities

Juan Gonzalez-Flores, Facilities

Ismael Gutierrez, Facilities

Terrance Harris, Police Services

Gail Henderson, Facilities

Nicole Hicks, Facilities

Dallas Hogue, Facilities

Cody Howell, Police Services

Sarah Kim, College of Information

Kenneth Kindle, Police Services

Jamie McQueen, Marketing and Logistics

Robin Melendez-Martin, University Information Technology

Jason Mieritz, Electrical Engineering

Stephen Moran, Classroom Support

Kerri Nidenberg, Facilities

Jeremy Polk, Police Services

Gina Pumphrey, Engineering Technology

Porsha Reeves, College of Engineering

Meagan Rodriguez, Police Services

Craig Simons, Police Services

Rachel Smith, College of Engineering

Debbi Stack, College of Business

Adrian Stephens, College of Engineering

Mark Thompson, Facilities

Robert Tompkins, Business Information Technology Services

Pute Uranga, Police Services

Tony Valdes, Facilities

Nancy Van Hoy

Krista Watts, Office of the President

Shawn Weems, Business Information Technology Services

Cassandra West, Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Supervisory Building Blocks Graduates

Anita Adefope, Residential Dining

Richard Allen, Recreational Sports

Peter Balabuch, Dining Services

Charlene Ballenger, Registrar

Lynne Barga, International Affairs

Joshua Barnhart, Residence Hall Operations

Kevin Bell, Custodial

Cheryl Benningfield, Space Management and Planning

Indra Bhagat, College of Business Academic Advising

Christopher Boesch, Police Services

Kathy Bomar, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Russell Bouyer, Residence Hall Operations

Stephanie Brown, Student Affairs

Larissa Brown Searle, College of Business Academic Advising

Sarah Ann Bryant, University Library

Scott Bullock, Dining Services

Courtney Burke, Gateway

Mary Elizabeth Butler, International Affairs

Darlene Callahan, Space Management and Planning

Danielle Champagne, Student Money Management Center

Brandi Chank, Retail Dining

Ryan Comfort, Recreational Sports

Wendy Comfort, Recreational Sports

Jared Countryman, College of Arts and Sciences Information Technology Services

Sean Coxon, Residential Dining

Suzan Cruz, Dining Services

Diane Culpin, English

Tara Dakin, Retail Dining

James Davenport, Student Affairs

Brad Davis, Technical Communication

Christopher Deaton, Police Services

Bob Dombroski, Retail Dining

Wynjean Duarte, Student Accounting and Cashiering Services

Jackie Durrett, Police Services

Lori Duvall, Recreational Sports

Brandy Ellis, College of Arts and Sciences Student Services

James Fairchild, Housing Administration

Michael Falk, Residential Dining

Lindsey Fields, Housing Administration

Stephanie Fields-Hawkins, Health and Wellness

Edward Fleming, Police Services

Pamela Flint, Counseling and Testing

Alissa Flores, International Affairs

Catherine Ganda, Retail Dining

Hope Garcia, Student Affairs

Kasia Garcia, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Corlis Garrett, Retail Dining

Carmen Garza, Housing Administration

Timothy Gibson, Retail Dining

Linda Godoy, Police Services

Joshua Gosdin, Residence Hall Operations

Billi Gravely, Registrar

Brandy Gunels Johnson, Psychology

Penny Gustafson, Housing Administration

Michelle Hale, University Relations Communications and Marketing

Margaret Jane Hall, Biological Sciences

Gregory Hardin, University Library

Carol Hargis, University Library

Brooke Haygood, Sys Fac Dev-Gen

Sharon Henderson, Housing Administration

Ashly Henson, Recreational Sports

Cynthia Hermann, Health and Wellness

Sabina Hernandez, Registrar

Kerry Herndon, Gateway

Amelia Hiatt, International Affairs

Brian Hirsch, Career Center

Brady Hollar, Residential Dining

Mary Howard, Advancement

Katherine Jenkins, College of Arts and Sciences Student Services

Eric Johnson, Housing Administration

Erica Kaufman, University Library

Amanda Kenna, Counseling and Testing

Spencer Keralis, University Library

Setareh Keshmiripour, University Library

Laura Klein, Recreational Sports

Andrew Klipsch, Residential Dining

Karen Knotts, Health and Wellness

Briana Knox, University Library

Chua Koh Kok, IT Shared Services

Christian Lawrence, Recreational Sports

Deidre Leslie, Career Center

Jacob Mangum, University Library

Kathleen Marion, Union Admininistration

Esmeralda Martinez, Retail Dining

Ashley Mason, Admissions

William Mathew, Recreational Sports

Jessa Mays, Residence Hall Operations

James McAlister, Custodial

Britney McCartney, Risk Management Services

Teresa Mckinney, Health and Wellness

Mark McLeod, Housing Administration

Tara Melishkevich, Technical Communication

Heather Miller, Economics

Pamela Milner, College of Business Academic Advising

Jennifer Monroe, University Library

Gwendolyn Moore, Outreach and Recruitment

Erica Morris, Retail Dining

Baron Moss, Residential Dining

Meena Naik, Learning Center

Brad Neilson, IT Shared Services

Tori Nelson, UNT TRiO

Chance Newkirk, Residence Hall Operations

Joyce Nixon, Residential Dining

Teresa Olivarez, Residential Dining

Kristi Ormand, Auxiliary Services

Dianna Owen, UNT TRiO

Pedro Palacios IV, Facilities

Christine Paswan, College of Arts and Sciences

Emily Peebles, University Library

Kelley Pound, University Relations Communications and Marketing

Tricia Raper-Combs, Health and Wellness

Douglas Renner, Gateway

Brenda Ritz, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

Ramona Rosborough, Police Services

William Roussel III, Custodial

Shari Ruhberg, Health and Wellness

Dana Sachs, Health and Wellness

Tanya Sanchez, College of Arts and Sciences Student Services

Kim Schroeder, Retail Dining

Laura Shackelford, Career Center

Britton Sherry, Recreational Sports

Nina Sichterman, Residence Hall Operations

Karl Skaar, Asset Management

Michele Sofield, UNT TRiO

Mike Sood, Catering

Shohreh Sparks, Dining Services

Charlotte Spencer, Residential Dining

Kerry Stanhope, Health and Wellness

James Strawn, College of Arts and Sciences Information Technology Services

Peter Liang Tay, Risk Management Services

Connie Thompson, Custodial

Kentra Tillman, Admissions

Brennon Turner, Residential Dining

Connie Verdin, Gateway

Herschel Voorhees, Health and Wellness

Margo Watson, Registrar

Kimberley Wells, Registrar

Wendy Wells, Residence Hall Operations

Ashley Wheelis, Registrar

Julie Willems-Espinoza, Marketing and Logistics

Sabrina Winston, Retail Dining

Evynne Wong, Registrar

Kristie Wright, College of Arts and Sciences

Kevin Yanowski, University Library

Educational Achievement Recognition

Zaiba Ahmed, English

Angela Alberts, Facilities

Michael Arranaga, College of Arts and Sciences-Information Technology Services

Leah Atinda, Administrative Information Technology Services

Devin Axtman, Office of Disability Accommodation

Judy Bailey, International Student and Scholar Services

Joshua Barnhart, Residence Hall Operations

Angela Barrera, Undergraduate Admissions

Kathryn Beasley, College of Engineering

Victoria Bengston, Police Services

Cheryl Benningfield, Space Management and Planning

Bruce Berg, Administrative Information Technology Services

Natalie Bernard, College of Business

Gloria Blair, Mayborn School of Journalism

Katherine Borchert, Undergraduate Admissions

Natalie Borg, Residence Hall Operations

Russell Bouyer, Residence Hall Operations

Katlin Bower, Undergraduate Admissions

Rebecca Brand, University Library

Amber Brasher, Educational Psychology

Tiffany Bromfield, Residence Hall Operations

Melisa Brown, University Relations, Communications, and Marketing

Jodie Brownd, College at Frisco

Kevin Callahan, Autism Center

Darin Castillo, University Library

Diane Chenault, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

Ah Ra Cho, Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Jan Clountz, University Relations, Communications, and Marketing

Erika Cole, College of Arts and Sciences - Student Services

Mary Collins, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Steven Collins, Decision Support Services

Blair Condon Smith, College of Business

Adrienne Copeland, Mayborn School of Journalism

Kristi Cortez, Autism Center

Beverly Cotton Shuford, Budget and Analytics

Travis Craig, Organizational Development

Jenna Critchlow, Design

Maria Crudu, Astronomy

Diane Culpin, English

Jason Curry, Student Accounting and Cashiering Services

James Dale, Mayborn School of Journalism

Riputapan Daman, Police Services

Roxanne Davenport, Learning Center

Russ Deaton, Facilities

Holly Decker, Physics

Katie Deen, College of Business-Undergraduate Advising

Martin Delgadillo, Facilities

Jill Denniston, College of Education - Student Advising

David Denny, Registrar

Mark Dobson, Media Arts

Jay Dotson, University Information Technology

Samuel Earls, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Amelia Easley, Health and Wellness

Sarah Eckberg, Registrar

Caitlin Edgar, College of Health and Public Service - General Access Lab

Bethany Evans, Counseling and Testing

Jonathan Farmer, Library and Information Sciences

Ryan Fellers, Decision Support Services

Stephanie Fields-Hawkins, Health and Wellness

Sarah Lynn Fisher, University Library

Paul Flaa, Facilities

Amanda Foltz, Undergraduate Admissions

Kelly Frailey, Facilities

Adela Francis, Mayborn School of Journalism

Winston Franscini, Undergraduate Admissions

Tracy Frier, Student Affairs - Student Activities

Olivia Fritts, Learning Center

Nicholas Fuselier, Public and Community Engagement

Hope Garcia, Student Affairs

Leslie Gatson, Facilities

Sara Glauda, Police Services

Chelsea Godin, College of Business-Undergraduate Advising

Josh Gosdin, Housing Administration

Steven Guerrero, University Library

Penny Gustafson, Housing Administration

Caroline Hallman, University Library

Mike Hammons, Facilities

Courtney Hamner, University Library

Nathan Hansard, Facilities

Olivia Harris, College of Arts and Sciences - Student Services

Megan Heber, College of Music

Gail Henderson, Facilities

Breanne Henson, University Library

Jon-Erik Hernandez, Financial Aid

Amelia Hiatt, International Student and Scholar Services

Kristopher Hicks, Facilities

Meaghan Hildinger, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Bryan Holdegraver, Police Services

Laurel Holdegraver, Financial Aid

Leanne Hood, History

Hannah Horton, Registrar

Sandy Howell, Student Affairs

Ashley Hubbard, College of Engineering

Alan Hubble, Toulouse Graduate School

Joshua Huckabee, Administrative Information Technology Services

Julie Ikpah, Dance and Theatre

Kristi Ingram, Registrar

Jamel Jackson, College of Music

Rachel Jackson, Residence Hall Operations

Asa Johnson, Institutional Compliance

Jordan Jones, Financial Aid

Thomas Kanabay, Computer Science and Engineering

Tyler Kent, Undergraduate Admissions

Fatemah Kholoosi Raftar, University Library

Andrew Klipsch, Dining - Residential

Kristi Klusman, Autism Center

Andy Knapik, Facilities

Karen Knotts, Health and Wellness

Keith Kopsky, Financial Aid

Kelsey Kunkle, Student Affairs

Mark Lambert, Media Arts

Jeanette Laredo, Registrar

Alejandra Lopez, Athletics

Nysa Love, Student Success

Joshua Lukins, Facilities

Emilita Marin, Emergency Management and Disaster Science

Shaquelle Massey, Residence Hall Operations

Jessa Mays, Residence Hall Operations

Sky McClure, Student Withdrawals

Missy McCormick, Career Connect

Katie McCoy, College of Music

Katy McDaniel, Registrar

Jami McQueen, Marketing & Logistics

Milen Milchev, Administrative IT Services

Angela Minor, International Student and Scholar Services

Gwendolyn Moore, Undergraduate Admissions

Andrew Mount, Registrar

Jonathan Mount, Financial Aid

Meena Naik, Career Connect

Chance Newkirk, Residence Hall Operations

Jessie Niu, College of Music

Brian Nuebling, University Relations, Communications, and Marketing

Cassady Ogedegbe, College of Engineering

Ashley Olsberg, University Information Technology

David Owen, Police Services

Kimberly Parker, College of Arts and Sciences - Student Services

Alison Pelzel, Budget Office

Tania Peña, Facilities

Rebeca Perfecto, Undergraduate Admissions

Haley Pittman, Toulouse Graduate School

Julian Quintero, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Katherine Reinhardt, College of Arts and Sciences - Student Services

Belinda Reyes, Art Education and Art History

John Ridings, Facilities

Mike Rodgers, Facilities

Karla Romine, Budget and Analytics

Shannon Rowland, Budget Office

Benjamin Salazar, Facilities

Jason Salazar, Parking Services

Rafael Salazar, Facilities

Ruben Sanchez, Undergraduate Admissions

Tanya Sanchez, College of Arts and Sciences - Student Services

Hayden Sandel, Administrative Information Technology Services

Kelly Sargent, Police Services

Nicole Savage, Facilities

William Schuelke, UNT-I Intensive English

Andi Sheeder, Police Services

Colton Shepherd, Undergraduate Admissions

Suzanne Shockley, Dance and Theatre

Adam Silva, Student Accounting and Cashiering Services

David Sims, Facilities

Cheryl Smith, Facilities

Errica Smith, College of Engineering

Shannon Smith, Decision Support Services

Jennifer Spillman, University Information Technology

Zachary Spivey, Parking Services

Kathleen Spriggs, Undergraduate Admissions

Callie Stanford, Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation

Laura Stapleton, Health and Wellness

Adrian Stephens, College of Engineering

Jonathan Stewart, University Relations, Communications, and Marketing

Carrie Stoeckert, University Information Technology

Georgianna Stone, Counseling and Testing

Sara Tarango, Residence Hall Operations

Deborah Taylor, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Jessica Temple, College of Business-Undergraduate Advising

Patrick Tharp, Facilities

William Thomas, Facilities

Andrew Trantham, University Library

Alexandria Trevino, Financial Aid

Ana Trevino, UNT-I Intensive English

Erik Trevino, Facilities

Natassia Tyler, Toulouse Graduate School

Yasmin Valdez, Financial Aid

Marilu Vargas, Undergraduate Admissions

Anthony Vazquez, College of Health and Public Service - Advising

Dakota Villa, Union Administration

Emily Voelkel, Police Services

Adam Wear, Career Connect

Victoria Weiss, Registrar

Richard Weitzman, Mayborn School of Journalism

Brecken Wellborn, Learning Center

Wendy Wells, Residence Hall Operations

Rebecca Werts, College of Arts and Sciences - Student Services

Garrett Wescott, University Information Technology

Amanda White Bennett, International Affairs

Chelsea Wolfington, Parking Services