Review the 2017 Service Award list for accuracy by Jan. 18

Reaching a service milestone this year? Review the 2017 Service Award list before Jan. 18, 2018.

The 2017 Service Award Ceremony will be held in March 2018. 

All Service Award recipients must review their service award information below to confirm that their UNT service dates are correct.

The Service Award Ceremony is an annual event that recognizes employees who meet five-year service milestones during the calendar year. Service time considered in the calculation of service recognition is time served as a “retirement and benefits eligible full-time or part-time UNT employee.” The department listed next to the employee name is the department in which the employee’s primary position resides – regardless of any other concurrent positions. 

For questions about the information provided or your participation in the 2017 Service Awards Ceremony, please contact Rhonda Arthur at or 940-565-4363 by Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018.


5 Year

Matthew Abbott, Physics

Iftekhar Ahmed, Communication Studies

Waquar Ahmed, Geography

Talukder Alam, Materials Science and Engineering

Timothy Alexander, University Library

Laila Amine, English

Katsura Aoyama, Audiology and Speech - Language Pathology

Emily Aparicio, University Library

Michelle Aponte, College of Music

Heidemarie Blumenthal, Psychology

Huseyin Bostanci, Engineering Technology

Timothy Boswell, English

Renee Bryce, Computer Science and Engineering

Bryant Canzoneri, Dining Services

Brendaliz Castro, College of Health and Public Service

Bryan Conn, English

Carol Anne Costabile-Heming, World Languages, Literature, and Cultures

Carla Dixson, Financial Aid

Richard Dixon, Biological Sciences

Vladimir Drachev, Physics

Guohua Feng, Economics

Maristella Feustle, University Library

Jordan Frith, Technical Communication

Nolan Gaffney, Management

Alan Garrison, Administrative IT Services

Morgan Gieringer, University Library

Christian Giesecke, Information Technology Services

Nora Gilbert, English

Amanda Giordano, Counseling and Higher Education

Ricardo Gonzalez-Carriedo, Teacher Education and Administration

Karen Harker, University Library

Candi Harris, Student Success

Bryan Heard, Registrar

Jiaying Hu, International Affairs

David Kettler, Educational Psychology

Panagiotis Kokoras, Composition Studies

Amelia Kraehe, Art Education and Art History

Amie Lund, Biological Sciences

Paula Lupkin, Art Education and Art History

Kathleen Marion, Union Administration

Idalia Martinez Macedo, Retail Dining

Angela McBride, Grants and Contracts Administration

Brian McFarlin, Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation

Kristy McGaughey, Catering

John Mcintire, Dance and Theatre

David McPhate, Mayborn School of Journalism

Sandra Mendiola Garcia, History

Jennifer Middleton, Social Work

Andrea Miller, Athletics

Jalie Mitchell, Athletics

Peter Mondelli, Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology

Andrew Nelson, Anthropology

Susan Nichols, Autism Center

Rodney Nielsen, Computer Science and Engineering

Gwendelyn Nisbett, Mayborn School of Journalism

David Nowicki, Marketing and Logistics

Dee Anna Oliveira, College of Education

Thomas Parsons, Psychology

Adetty Perez de Miles, Art Education and Art History

Amy Petros, Chemistry

Danna Pierce, College of Engineering

Molly Pitcher, College of Science Student Services

Catherine Ragland, Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology

Donna Richie, Union Administration

Crystal Romero, Texas Academy of Math and Science

Karla Romine, Budget and Analytics

Benjamin Salazar, Facilities

Brian Sauser, Marketing and Logistics

Katherine Schmitz, Grants and Contracts Administration

Peggy Simone, Biological Sciences

Terry Smith, Technical Communication

Michael Sprabary, Facilities

Georgianna Stone, Counseling and Testing

Alketa Sulollari, Housing Custodial

Barrett Taylor, Counseling and Higher Education

Nancy Terry, Teach North Texas

Katrina Thompson, Public Administration

Michael Thompson, Philosophy and Religion

Kyle Tilton, Recreational Sports

Karen Toussaint, Behavior Analysis

Amanda Vaughn, Housing Administration

Holley Vaughn, Communication Studies

Jacqueline Vickery, Media Arts

Shannon Walker, Facilities

Erin Welch, Management

Kimberley Wells, Registrar

Cassandra West, Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research

Amber White, Financial Aid

Phillip White, Facilities

Carmen Whitworth, Toulouse Graduate School

Daniel Wiersema, Administrative IT Services

Stacey Williams, Teacher Education

Peyton Wilson, Grants and Contracts Administration

Stephanie Wilson, Student Health and Wellness

Michael Wise, History

Sharon Wroe, Counseling and Higher Education

Umesh Yadav, Biological Sciences

Marcus Young, Materials Science and Engineering

Sebastian Zaberca, Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology


10 Year

James Anderson, Housing Custodial

Becky Andrews, Accounting

Vasilis Angelogiannos, College of Health and Public Service IT Services

Gustavo Ariza, Police Services

Ronda Bewley, Academic Resources

Rossana Boyd, Teacher Education and Administration

Amanda Breaz, Dance and Theatre

Amber Bryant, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

Efigenia Bueno, Residential Dining

Courtney Burke, Gateway Center

B E Buschardt Jr., Media Arts

Johnny Byers, Geography

Jennifer Callahan, Psychology

Ricky Carney, Facilities

Paula Charles, Financial Aid

Karen Clem, Learning Technologies

Steven Collins, Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research

Lora Connaughton, Printing and Distribution Solutions

Kevin Crawford, Police Services

Abby Crow-Walker, Financial Aid

Janice Dane, Toulouse Graduate School

Andrew Decaen, Studio Art

Jincheng Du, Materials Science and Engineering

Rosalia Dutra, Linguistics

Richard Eleazar, Financial Aid

Ricardo Espinoza, Facilities

Margaret Featherstone, Residence Hall Operations

Ian Finseth, English

Cornelius Foote Jr., Mayborn School of Journalism

Koji Fuse, Mayborn School of Journalism

Hope Garcia, Student Affairs

Andrea Garner, Admissions

Latonya Glenn, Financial Aid

Heather Guerrero, Admissions

Samuel Guillory, Union Administration

Dena Guzman-Torres, Financial Aid

Bradley Haefner, College of Music

Nathan Hansard, Facilities

Abbie Harper, Advancement

Matthew Heard, English

Ivy Hestand, Police Services

Steven Hill, Institutional Compliance

Darrell Hull, Educational Psychology

Ione Hunt Von Herbing, Biological Sciences

Gabriel Ignatow, Sociology

David Jaeger, Division of Research and Innovation

Matthew Jenkins, Facilities

Raina Joines, English

Richard Joines, English

Tracy Kaan, International Affairs

Helen Kaddour-Saadie, Facilities

Peter Kaiser, University Library

Nadine Kalin, Art Education and Art History

Tania Khalaf, Media Arts

Roy Kirkland, Facilities

Yunju Langran, International Affairs

Lin Lin, Learning Technologies

Natalya Lindo, Counseling and Higher Education

Carlos Lizarraga, Facilities

Jose Magana, Facilities

Paho Mann, Studio Art

Ila Manuj, Marketing and Logistics

Brenda Martin, Advancement

Rodney Martin, Risk Management

Susan McCutcheon, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Katy McDaniel, Registrar

Richard Milan, Facilities

Madhuparna Mitra, English

Marisa Moore, Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation

Jeff Moran, Facilities

Dana Mordecai, Admissions

Martin Munoz, Facilities

Nicholas Nagel, Athletics

Donald Noska, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Pedro Palacios, Facilities

Ryan Paris, Facilities

Jin Park, Design

Ashley Parsons, Materials Science and Engineering

Rebecca Petrusky, Institute for Applied Sciences

Jessica Phillips, University Library

Evelyn Pitre, Management

Clark Pomerleau, History

Vishwanath Prasad, Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Tonya Riley, College of Health and Public Service Advising

Cynthia Roberts, Instrumental Studies

Tracee Robertson, College of Visual Arts and Design

Ana Rocha, Housing Custodial

Bidhudutta Rout, Physics

Nicola Ruzevic, Instrumental Studies

Tanya Sanchez, College of Science Student Services

Shelly Scott, Aerospace Studies

Jyoti Shah, Biological Sciences

Jennifer Sheehan, Library and Information Sciences

Gerald Shepherd, Police Services

Patrick Shinkle, Center for Public Management

Shari Shuffield, Facilities

Adam Silva, Student Accounting and Cashiering Services

Julie Hohman, College of Music

Syleria Skinner, College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism

Alese Smith, Teacher Education and Administration

Kai-Sheng Song, Mathematics

Daniel Spears, Hospitality and Tourism

Tanya St Clair, Residence Hall Operations

Kerry Stanhope, Student Health and Wellness

Preston Starr, Physics

Robert Steele, Facilities

Cheryl Swatloski, Printing and Distribution Solutions

Hiroshi Tazawa, Biology

Lek Thomas, Residential Dining

Ruthanne Thompson, Institute for Applied Sciences

Cathy Turner, Mayborn School of Journalism

Olga Velikanova, History

Elizabeth Vogt, University Accreditation

Zuoming Wang, Communication Studies

Penny Washington, Dining Services

Jana Watkins, Mathematics

Shawn Weems, Business Information Technology Services

Brook Wheetley, Behavior Analysis

Velma White, Media Arts

Sammy Williams, Facilities

Yu Wu, Information Technology and Decision Sciences

Kiseol Yang, Merchandising and Digital Retailing


15 Year

Robert Akl, Computer Science and Engineering

Esperanza Alba, Facilities

Reina Alvarado, Facilities

Deborah Armintor, English

Agnieszka Beavers, UNT TRiO

Abraham Benavides, Public Administration

Anissa Breaux-Schropp, Institutional Compliance

Victor Brewer III, College of Education Student Advising

Angela Britton, Residential Dining

Susan Bryant, Teacher Education and Administration

James Bullard, Facilities

Barbara Bush, Counseling and Higher Education

Jacqualine Carroll, Facilities

Linda Clisso, Student Health and Wellness

Thomas Cundari, Chemistry

Anthony Curran Jr., Biological Sciences

Apryl Dane, Facilities

Nicole Dash, College of Health and Public Service

Holly Decker, Physics

Donna Emmanuel, Music Education

Genoveva Escamilla, Facilities

Nicholas Evangelopoulos, Information Technology and Decision Sciences

Rose M Fleeks, Student Health and Wellness

Eric Flowers, Facilities

Jacqueline Foertsch, English

Tracy Frier, Student Affairs-Gen

Consuelo Fuentes, Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research

Maria Del Galvez, Housing Custodial

Teresa Garcia, Housing Custodial

Lari Gibbons, Studio Art

James Greig, Political Science

Carol D Hammett, Criminal Justice

Andrew Harris, Dance and Theatre

Linda Henderson, Facilities

Marvin Henry, Anthropology

John Holt, Instrumental Studies

Amy Hsu, Residential Dining

Roxana Hughes, Biology

Bryan Hurt, University Library

Maria Jauregui, Facilities

M Kay Johnson, Risk Management

Paul Jones, Physics

Marijn Kaplan, World Languages, Literature, and Cultures

Jill Kleister, Toulouse Graduate School

Tyra Krause, Financial Aid

April Kuykendall, Management

Brian Lain, Communication Studies

Christian Lawrence, Recreational Sports

Daniel Leyva-Martinez, Risk Management

Alan Livingston, College of Information

Amparo Luengas, Facilities

Maria Martinez, Facilities

Thomas Mason, Political Science

Jeffrey McClung, College of Visual Arts and Design

Richard McCormick, Facilities

Eddie Meaders, Political Science

Jason Mieritz, Electrical Engineering

Alfred Mierzejewski, History

Shawne Miksa, Library and Information Sciences

Arup Neogi, Physics

Destinie Noles, Teacher Education

Elizabeth Oldmixon, Political Science

Guillermo Oyarce, Information Science

Pamela Padilla, College of Science

Philip Paolino, Political Science

Maria Pena, Facilities

Epifanio Perez, Facilities

Olav Richter, Mathematics

Shelley Riggs, Psychology

Janet Rogers, Counseling and Higher Education

K Larry Rogers, Audiology and Speech, Language Pathology

Edward Rollins, Police Services

Gustavo Romero, Keyboard Studies

Ramona Rosborough (Washington), Police Services

Latoya Russell, Housing Custodial

Benito Salazar, Facilities

Rosalinda Sanmiguel, Housing Custodial

D'Lynn Schertz, College of Education Student Advising

Nada Shabout, Art Education and Art History

Anne Shepler, Mathematics

Randy Sikes, Union Administration

Johnnie Stark, Design

Vincent Stippec, Facilities

Craig Stone, Facilities

Anne Strong, UNT TRiO

John Tait, English

Amy Tannehill, College of Education Student Advising

James Terrill, Police Services

Mario Tooch, Dance and Theatre

Chad Trulson, Criminal Justice

Douglas Turnage, Facilities

Vijay Vaidyanathan, Biomedical Engineering

Connie Verdin, Gateway Center

Mark Vosvick, Psychology

James Walker, Residential Dining

Lisa Wallace, Advancement

Maurice Wheeler, Library and Information Sciences

Michael Wilhelmi, Police Services

Harvey Zimmermann, Accounting


20 Year

Leticia Anaya, Engineering Technology

Peter Balabuch, Dining Services

Mary Ann Barber, Mathematics

Debrah Beck, College of Science Student Services

John Collins Jr, Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation

Charles Conley, Mathematics

Randall Cox, Psychology

Armendia Cross, Behavior Analysis

Ronald Davis, Facilities

Susan Dubois, Instrumental Studies

Lori Duvall, Recreational Sports

Martin Farris II, Marketing and Logistics

Janet Feagans, Registrar

Gladys A Figueroa, Facilities

Teresa Golden, Chemistry

Joesph Hoffmann, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

Norma Iglesias, Facilities

Lisa Jackson, Technical Communication

Melinda Lilly, Academic Resources

Karen Lioy, Linguistics

Kirk Lowe, Facilities

Senta Macaraeg, Financial Aid

Ann Macmillan, College of Music

Janelle Mathis, Teacher Education and Administration

James McAlister, Housing Custodial

Maureen McGuinness, Student Affairs

Armin Mikler, Computer Science and Engineering

Gwendolyn Moore, Outreach and Recruiting

Francine Moreno, Facilities

Roy Nance, Printing and Distribution Solutions

Craig Neumann, Psychology

Donna Obenda, International Affairs

Cynthia Oliver, Facilities

Susan Parks, University Library

Patrick Pluscht, Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign

Kelley Reese, University Relations, Communications, and Marketing

Richard Reidy III, Materials Science and Engineering

Marielena Resendiz-Carpanzano, Media Arts

Lorenzo Robles, Jr., Information Technology Services

Debbie Rohwer, Office of the President

Sara Saringer, University Information Technology

Foster Smith, History

Christopher Stoermer, Administrative IT Services

Patricia Strader, Union Administration

Tandra Tyler-Wood, Learning Technologies

Jacqueline Vanhoutte, English

Bradley Varcoe, Police Services

Jennifer Way, Art Education and Art History

Angilee Wilkerson, University Relations, Communications and Marketing

Lori Wolfe, Biological Sciences


25 Year

Miguel Acevedo, Electrical Engineering

Rebecca Barham, University Library

Mary E Barton, Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research

Oliver  M Chyan, Chemistry

James Duban, Honors College

Demetria Ennis-Cole, Learning Technologies

Cindy Ford, Athletics

Judith Anne Forney, College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism

Constance Hilliard, History

David Holdeman, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Paul Hudak, Geography

Joseph Klein, Composition Studies

Alexandra Leavell, College of Education

Deborah Leliaert, University Relations, Communications and Marketing

Freddie Logan, Facilities

Elizabeth Mathews, International Affairs

Michael McPherson, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Kenneth Moffitt, Enrollment Management

Magali Monterroso, University Library

Andrea Myrick-Langston, University Library

Eric Nestler, Instrumental Studies

Martha Newman, Toulouse Graduate School

Carol Ogden, International Affairs

Joseph Oppong, Toulouse Graduate School

Carlos Ordonez, Physics

Kaplan O'Rourke-Kaplan, Design

Dianna Owen, UNT TRiO

Tricia Raper-Combs, Student Health and Wellness

Alicia Re Cruz, Anthropology

Nicoladie Tam, Biology

Lewis Taylor III, Management

Jacquelyn Thames, College of Health and Public Service General Access Lab

Margie Tieslau, Economics

Jennifer Turner, University Library


30 Year

Mary Braden, College of Visual Arts and Design

James Campbell, Media Arts

Christy Crutsinger, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Chester Impson, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

Robert Insley, Management

James Kennedy, Biology

Charles Manuel, Residential Dining

Bruce Nacke, Design

Pamela Paul, Keyboard Studies

Darhyl Ramsey, Music  Education

Thomas Sovik, Music History, Theory and Ethnomusicology

Michael Steinel, Jazz Studies

Rickey Stinchcomb, Facilities

Kenneth Thompson, Marketing and Logistics

Niranjan Tripathy, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law

Neil Wilner, Accounting


35 Year

Robert Bland, Public Administration

Vicki Campbell, Psychology

Dennis Fisher, Conducting and Ensembles

Arthur Goven III, Biological Sciences

Steven Harlos, Keyboard Studies

Kent McGregor, Geography

Cathleen Norris, Learning Technologies

Linda Strube, College of Music


40 Year

Shelley Cushman, Dance and Theatre

James Powell, Management


50 Year

James Roberts, Physics

Gustav Seligmann Jr., History