Staff recognized and key initiatives addressed at Staff Sack Lunch

During the first President’s Staff Sack Lunch of the academic year, staff celebrated with peers recognized for outstanding service and heard President Neal Smatresk address key initiatives and answer questions.

Groups recognized include:

Topics covered include:

  • Initiatives around process improvement such as onboarding, graduate enrollment and future construction projects
  • Ways to ensure that UNT is a global leader through our distance learning programs
  • Current performance and the future of UNT's athletics programs
  • Making sure we are a part of next generation technology by making the most of our relationship with our resources in China through NetDragon

See a comprehensive list of those recognized below.


President’s Sack Lunch award winners and recognition

Outstanding Departments

Student Money Management Center
Office of Grants and Contracts
New College at Frisco

Soaring Eagles

Group Award

Parking and Transportation Services

Annette Bear
Christian Bridge
Madison Clevenger
Elizabeth Hageman
Michael Kregel
Tara Markham
Brenda Medina
Melissa O'Donnell
Christopher Phelps
Erica Reaves Breeding
Jason Salazar
Zachary Spivey
Carrie Stoeckert
Ronny Stone
Leisha Trower
Carlos Valdez
Benjamin Weber
Baylee Wilcox
Garrett Wilson
Chelsea Wolfington
Jason Zorola


Vickie Coffey, Risk Management
Sarah Jay, Registrar
Tennie Jones, Risk Management
Melinda Lilly, Academic Resources
Rebekah Moreno, Risk Management
Lauri Morrow, Learning Enhancement and Redesign
Lynn Nguyen, Printing and Distribution Solutions
Bridget Richard, Registrar
Bryan Spraggins, Athletics
Ian St. Yves, Facilities
Justin Stewart, Risk Management
Craig Stone, Facilities
Cheryl Swatloski, Printing and Distribution Solutions
Doug Turnage, Facilities
Major Youngblood, Risk Management

Star Performers

Jamie Adams, Athletics
Jennifer Aglio, Women's and Gender Studies
Richard Allen, Recreational Sports
Becky Andrews, Accounting
Vasilis Angelogiannos, College of Health and Public Service-IT Services
Spring Atwater, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Zachary Avis, Admissions
Matthew Belcher, Retail Dining
Amanda Bennett, UNT International
Rebekah Bewley, Budget and Analytics
Abigail Black, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Angie Blank, Admissions
Alan Blankenship, Facilities
Krystyna Bojanowski, Facilities
Melissa Boyer, Financial Aid
Pilar Bradfield, Athletics
Tiffany Bromfield, Residence Hall Operations
Mandy Brown, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Raymond Brown, Facilities
Efigenia Bueno, Residential Dining
Meredith Buie, Auxiliary Services
Athena Buxton, Retail Dining
Ludy Byars, Housing Custodial
Ana Cadena, Housing Custodial
Aundrea Caraway, Orientation and Transition Programs
Laurie Carroll, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Robert Carroll, Facilities
Ann Carter, Advancement
Juan Castillo, Housing Custodial
Sanjuanita Castillo, Housing Custodial
Diane Chenault, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Law
Linda Clisso, Health and Wellness
Dominic Coats, Gateway
Christa Coffey, Student Affairs
Ryan Comfort, Recreational Sports
Claudia Cooper, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Jared Countryman, CAS Information Technology Services
Andy Crerar, Athletics
Noe Cruz, Office of Disability Accommodation
Lisa Cuevas, Libraries
Diane Culpin, English
Donald Dakin, Libraries
Crystal Daniels, Risk Management
Mallory Davidson, Financial Aid
Rachel Delaney, Admissions
Jessica DeLeon, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Karen DeVinney, UNT Press
Leandra Dinicola, Career Center
Nina Ditoro, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Student Services
Rebbecca Dobrin, Office of Equal Opportunity
Sarah Eckberg, Office of the Registrar
Melissa Eenigenburg, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Student Services
Karen Elder, Housing Custodial
Faith Espindola, Greek Life
Gladys Figueroa, Facilities
Bobbie Finck, Libraries
Randy Fischer, Printing and Distribution Solutions
Lydia Fleming, Facilities
Amanda Foltz, Admissions
Winston Franscini, Admissions
Amy Fuller, Communication Studies
Catherine Ganda, Retail Dining
Carmen Garza, Housing Administration
Leslie Gatson, Facilities
Danielle Gemoets, Health and Wellness
Tim Gieringer, Libraries
Gilbert Gilland, Facilities
Kellie Golden, Union Administration
Allesanda Griffitt, Budget and Analytics
Rachel Grimes, Student Money Management Center
Steffanie Grossman, Counseling and Testing
Steven Guerrero, Libraries
Shirley Gulley, Biology
Brandy Gunels Johnson, Psychology
Cece Hannah, Political Science
James Harwell, Facilities
Kaysi Hendley, Financial Aid
Breanne Henson, Libraries
Jennifer Herman, Financial Aid
Meaghan Hildinger, Texas Academy of Math and Science
Susan Holmes, Advancement
Steve Hooker, Facilities
Rebecca How, Learning Technologies
Mary Howard, Libraries
Mary Howard, Advancement
Sandy Howell, Student Affairs
Steven Humphrey, Gateway
Christopher Ives, Dining Services
Lauren Jacobsen, UNT International
Katherine Jenkins, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Student Services
Kally Jorgensen, Student Affairs
Amanda Kenna, Counseling and Testing
Darlene Kirby, Facilities
Laura Klein, Recreational Sports
Angela Koiner, Health and Wellness
Nancy Kolsti, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Glenda Kyser, Libraries
Samantha Lawrence, Libraries
Jaime Livas, Athletics
Eva Silvia Lozano, UNT TRiO
Josh Lukins, Facilities
Mark Madlock, Residential Dining
Randal Martin, Facilities
Sandra Martinez, Retail Dining
Lynn McCreary, Office of the Registrar
Catherine McFarland, Counseling and Higher Education
Gregory McGehee, UNT International
Sharon McKinnis, Political Science
Rachel McMullen, Athletics
David Meek, Office of the Registrar
Marybeth Menz, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Heather Miller, Economics
Alegria Moak, Admissions
Jennifer Monroe, Libraries
Michael Moore, Residence Hall Operations
Taylor Moore, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Student Services
Rod Moran, Facilities
Jonathan Mount, Financial Aid
Oxsormira "Kathy" Neira Gonzalez, Facilities
Chance Newkirk, Residence Hall Operations
Elizabeth Nigro, Union Administration
Justin Nowlin, Admissions
Carol Ogden, UNT International
Cindy Oliver, Facilities
Kristi Ormand, Auxiliary Services
Maria Ortega, Residential Dining
Symone Osieko, Dean of Students
Chris Ostler, Facilities
Jaimi Parker, Libraries
Allison Peeler, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Tania Pena, Facilities
Rebeca Perfecto, Admissions
William Pingry, Facilities
Alicia Pryor, Career and Leadership
Rachel Raadt, Facilities
Katherine Reinhardt, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Student Services
Deborah Reyna, Advancement
Tony Roman, Risk Management
Shannon Rowland, Budget and Analytics
Jessica Russell, Facilities
Rafael Salazar, Facilities
Randy Salsman, Facilities
Veronica Sanchez, Residential Dining
Jeff Sansom, Printing and Distribution Solutions
Silverio Sierra, UNT International
Randy Sikes, Union Administration
Ericka Sisk, College of Information
Erin Smith, Advancement
Marta Smith, Facilities
Jordan Stepp, Athletics
Vince Stippec, Facilities
Mary Sutton, World Languages, Literature and Cultures
Cheryl Swatloski, Printing and Distribution Solutions
Josh Sylve, Libraries
Melissa Tanner, Anthropology
Sara Tarango, Residence Hall Operations
James Taylor, Facilities
Mark Taylor, Housing Custodial
Patrick Tharp, Facilities
Pierre Thilliez, Residential Dining
Steven Thompson, Catering
Andrew Trantham, Libraries
Nicole Trower, Parking Services
Gina Vanacore, Housing Administration
Pascual Vasquez, Mail Services
Dakota Villa, Union Administration
Herschel Voorhees, Health and Wellness
Dana Wagner, Advancement
Stan Walker, Advancement
Keisha Ware, Dean of Students
Jana Watkins, Mathematics
Daniel Watson, Teach North Texas
Kimberley Wells, Office of the Registrar
James West, Facilities
Ashley Wheelis, Office of the Registrar
Megan Wheeler, Office of the President
Christopher Williams, Residential Dining
Lisa Williams, Auxiliary Services
Kyle Wood, Union Administration
Sue Wood, Libraries
Ashley Wood, University Accreditation
Meredith Wright, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
Karen York, Admissions
Major Youngblood, Risk Management