Train to be a member of the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program

Green Dot is a national program aimed to help reduce power-based personal violence. The program focuses on the productive power of bystanders, witnesses of violence between two parties (perhaps between our friends, family members, neighbors, fellow students, etc.). In instances of harmful or violent words, actions or behaviors, bystanders have a choice to ignore and accept the abuse (known as a "red dot") or intervene and address the violence (a "green dot"). Through education, a community equipped to intervene in red dot incidents will be cultivated. The result will be a green dot campus; a campus that will not accept power-based personal violence.

You are invited to attend a 75-minute training to learn the basics of bystander intervention and how those skills can be used to reduce power-based personal violence. If you are interested in the training, email Renee McNamara.

Learn more about the Green Dot Program.