Office of University Accreditation recognizes groups committed to institutional effectiveness


The Office of University Accreditation held an awards reception on Oct. 27 to honor the units and individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to institutional effectiveness (IE) this past year. The IE process at UNT is focused on improving student learning outcomes and services, while increasing student success and institutional quality. UNT has built IE plans using TracDat for all degree programs, academic departments and administrative or support units. 

The College of Business was recognized with the “Outstanding College Award” for their commitment to IE across all academic and administrative units. The “Outstanding Academic Department Award” was awarded to the Department of Management and the “Outstanding Administrative Department Award” was given to UNT International. Also receiving special recognition was the Dean of Students, UNT Police, Counseling and Testing Services, Student Activities Center, Department of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law, Department of Accounting, Department of Information Technology and Decision Science, Department of Geography and the Environment, Department of Sociology and the Academic and Administrative IE Peer Review Committee members.