UNT Policy Office launches new website, numbering system

Updated: Sept. 1, 2016

The UNT Policy Office's newly redesigned website launched Sept. 1.

In July, a new UNT homepage and second level webpages for university audiences were unveiled to the campus community. The new policy website's design has a similar look and provides more user-friendly functionality.

Additionally, all UNT policies housed on the website have been given new numbering for easy reference. The new policy numbering system aligns with UNT Policy Manual chapter numbers and follow the UNT System Board of Regents' rules of ordering. The new policy website allows users to:

  • Filter policies by audience: student, faculty, staff or all university.
  • Sort the “policy updates” page, formerly known as the “disposition table,” by date and policy number.
  • Find individual policy updates on the same page as policy documents, eliminating the need to search through the disposition table.
  • View the 10 most recent policy updates that automatically populated on the front page of the “policy updates” feed.
  • Quickly navigate among related documents for policy references and cross-references that are indexed by the website.

To ease the policy numbering transition for campus departments, the Policy Office has prepared the New Policy Numbering Index, which lists the old and the new policy numbers side by side for easy lookup. The index can be found on the Forms & Tools page of the new policy website.

For questions, contact policy@unt.edu or call 940-565-2145