UNT Scrappy Bench for sitting or selfies

The new addition to the University Union’s south lawn – the “Scrappy Bench” – is welcoming campus community members to take a load off, sit for a spell, and snap a selfie with Scrappy.

The bench was placed in November and is still getting lots of attention for its “selfie-readiness.” The bench even has its own Twitter account, @UNTscrappybench, from which Scrappy tweets about his unique view of the world, watching passersby and commenting on the weather. And the Scrappy Bench now serves as a one Eagle welcoming committee for prospective students during campus tours.

Hashtag your Scrappy Bench selfie with #scrappyselfie and see shots snapped by others.

The bench was created over a seven-month period by sculptor Virgil Oertle and his company, Mascot Benches in Utah.

Funding and the idea for the bench was the result of a brainstorming session between the University Union Board of Directors and the Division of Student Affairs. Members of the leadership team had seen mascot benches on other campuses and thought it would be a new way for students, faculty, staff and visitors to become more engaged with the culture and spirit of UNT. “I absolutely love having the Scrappy Bench as a new, symbolic landmark,” says Marlaina Wright, University Program Council (UPC) staff president, who plans to incorporate the Scrappy Bench into her graduation portraits. “It represents pride, friendship and what it means to be a Mean Green Eagle.”