Verify state service records online

Beginning March 1 (today), we will begin verifying state service records for eligible employees (not hourly employees) at all locations. We will ask each employee to review records; this process takes about five minutes. Watch your email for directions.

It’s important to record employment dates at State of Texas agencies and institutions of higher education because service dates may be used to calculate retirement and leave benefits for eligible, non-hourly employees. There is no state depository for state service and many records were manually submitted or were submitted many years ago.

We’re pleased to now offer this verification process online in a customer-friendly format.

  • You will receive an email stating that information is available through the self-service Enterprise Information System (EIS).
  • Please log in to EIS at your location ( MySystem, MyUNT, MyHSC, MyUNTD, MyLaw) to review service dates, which will be visible only to eligible employees at the top of your log-in page. Please note that this does not apply to hourly employees who will not see a pop-up screen.
  • Follow the prompts to verify dates. The attached pdf provides assistance.
  • If information is correct, viewers should select Agree; no further action is needed.
  • If information is not correct, viewers should select Disagree, and we will follow up with you to verify dates.

Thank you for your assistance. This online verification process will allow Human Resources staff to more efficiently manage these important records and help ensure that your valuable service is properly recorded.