Ridesharing to Campus

If you do not live near a bus route, ridesharing may be another alternative for you. Transportation Services provides access to a web based ridesharing service. This service is customized to the UNT community. You can register or just check it out and see who is driving from where. By registering you can communicate anonymously to arrange sharing rides and expenses.

to visit the Rideshare page and find people in your area.

How to Use Rideshare:

The entire process takes only a few minutes and you can be on your way to saving yourself time, money and hassles.

To become a member requires the selection of a login id, password and one page of basic information. 

A valid email address is the only real requirement to use AlterNetRides.  But don't worry, we protect your privacy at all times.  You email is not shown to others. AlterNetRides uses a "blind email" feature that enables members contact each other without revealing email addresses.

If you have pre-selected your destination, you will automatically be taken to the "Set Up A Ride" page.  Once you complete this one page, most of which is pre-filled, you are immediately taken to the list of others wanting to rideshare to your destination. It's fast, simple and works!

When you find someone who is a potential match, click on the "Possible Match/Email!" button on the Ride Information page.  You are given the option to send an email to that person and both rides are "flagged" as having a "Possible Match".  When an account is marked, a new button appears on the Member Information page that will list all "Possible Match" rides.

After you have made arrangements with another rider, return and change the status of your ride to "Matched! Found a Ride!".  This is important because it is how you remove yourself from the list of riders to a location.  Otherwise, you will continue to get emails and/or phone calls from others looking for someone to ride with. If you have a van or simply want to find a 3rd or 4th person to rideshare with, you are given the option to leave your ride available for others to find.