Monday, Oct. 23, 2023

Dear UNT Faculty and Staff,

Early voting for the Nov. 7 election began today, and UNT is proud to once again offer a polling station on campus so that it is easy for our community members to participate in our country’s governance.

The right to vote is our most important and basic civic duty, and it is at the very core of our democracy. Ensuring that your voice is heard in each election is how you can take part in creating the country you want America to be.

Please take the time to visit Gateway Room 52 or any other convenient location during early voting, or vote at the location assigned to your precinct on Election Day.

As a reminder, faculty and staff are allowed sufficient time off with pay during the workday to vote in each national, state or local election. Be sure to notify your supervisor of the intent to use work time to vote. There is no need to record the time absent to vote; this time is reported as time worked. 

Learn more about the items on the Texas ballot at Learn more about Proposition 5, which would directly impact UNT if passed, at