As one of the nation's largest public universities and the most comprehensive in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we are dedicated to providing an excellent educational experience to our more than 46,000 students. The University of North Texas (UNT) is a leading research university that is nationally and internationally recognized for its scholarship in all fields—from fine arts to technology, humanities to life sciences, and music to entrepreneurship. UNT is committed to the creation and advancement of innovative research, art, and scholarship.

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Customer Service Standards

In collaboration with policy owners, the University Policy Office develops, oversees, and maintains the University's policy process. By partnering with policy owners to create, revise, and distribute university-wide policies, the University Policy Office facilitates the development, review, approval, and maintenance of university-wide policies, while acting as the official repository and point-of-contact regarding university-wide policies.

The official policies and procedures of UNT are intended to provide general information. UNT reserves the right to make changes at any time to reflect current board policies, administrative regulations and procedures, and state and federal law amendments. Information provided is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a contract between UNT and its faculty and staff.

Complaint procedures

UNT provides students with a procedure for resolving complaints against UNT faculty, staff, and the university in matters where no other formal process for resolution of complaints has been established.

This policy does not supersede other specific UNT policies relative to student complaints or appeals including discrimination, student financial aid, admissions, academic policies, human resources, involuntary withdrawal, disability accommodations, or the Student Code of Conduct.

The policy can be found at Read Policy 07.016.


To make an informal complaint you can contact the Dean of Students:
The Dean of Students
1155 Union Circle #305008
Denton, Texas 76203

Grade Appeal:

Students are responsible for meeting the standards of academic performance established for each course in which they are enrolled as well as requirements for completion of their academic programs. Faculty members are responsible for establishing standards of academic performance and for evaluating student performance in an equitable manner. Faculty decisions in such matters are considered authoritative and can be overturned only when it has been determined that a grade was assigned in an inequitable, arbitrary or erroneous manner. This policy outlines the grounds for a student grade appeal and the process by which it must be carried out. For review, the following link provides the Grade Appeals Procedure (06.040).


The University of North Texas System is firmly committed to equal opportunity and does not permit—and takes actions to prevent—discrimination, harassment (including sexual violence) and retaliation on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, family status, genetic information, citizenship or veteran status in its application and admission processes, educational programs and activities, facilities and employment practices. The University of North Texas System immediately investigates and takes remedial action when appropriate. The University of North Texas System also takes actions to prevent retaliation against individuals who oppose a discriminatory practice, file a charge, or testify, assist, or participate in an investigative proceeding or hearing. You can direct questions or concerns to the equal opportunity office at 940-565-2759. TTY access is available at 940-369-8652. Further information is available at the Equal Opportunity & Title IX website.

Disability Accommodations

The Office of Disability Accommodation (ODA) at the University of North Texas exists to prevent discrimination on the basis of disability and to help students reach a higher level of independence. Our caring and professional staff helps students learn more about their disabilities, create techniques to facilitate individual learning styles, learn how to talk to faculty and staff about your needs, and develop strategies to achieve goals. Further information is available at the website of the Office of Disability Access.

Code of conduct

The Dean of Students Office enforces the Code of Student Conduct. The code explains what conduct is prohibited, the process the university uses to review alleged violations, and the sanctions that can be imposed. When students may have violated the code, they meet with a university official to discuss the violation in an educational process. For review, the following link provides the Code of Student Conduct.

Anyone can report alleged misconduct to the Dean of Students Office by calling 940-565-2039, emailing, or visiting the office in Union Suite 409.

Academic Integrity

The Office of the Provost and the Office for Student Success are responsible for issues concerning academic integrity. The Academic Integrity Officer works with faculty and students regarding investigations of misconduct. Please submit all questions related to academic integrity to

Information for ease in reviewing the process have been created and can be found below. You will also find helpful links to complete the process.

Office of the Provost's site for Academic Integrity
UNT Policy 06.003, Student Academic Integrity
Academic Violation Report - Single Violation
Academic Integrity Violations - Appeal Finding
Academic Integrity Initial Contact Templates