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For more than 130 years, the University of North Texas has illuminated the way forward, creating leaders and visionaries who have helped build a brighter future. Our students and alumni embody creativity, curiosity and something else that distinguishes them and makes them successful — resilience. These qualities are in UNT’s DNA, borne of an independent spirit that sets us apart. From admitting women on our opening day, to pioneering water quality research for the region, to establishing the nation’s first jazz studies program, to becoming one of the first universities in Texas to desegregate, UNT always takes the road less traveled on our path to excellence.

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Old pictures of students

Rachael Zipperer with UNT's Eppy Mascot


In celebration of UNT’s 130th anniversary, we take a deep dive into UNT’s Special Collections with archivist Rachael Zipperer (pictured with UNT’s Eppy mascot), exploring some of the most unusual pieces of history contained within — including hamster skulls, footage of chickens clucking along to Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood” and a stolen, then returned, first edition of “The Hobbit.”

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