July 12, 2017

Dear UNT community,

When I came to UNT in 2014, I challenged our community to break down silos in order to improve our culture. Since then, we have made positive steps toward becoming a better, more enjoyable place to work. This year, we asked each of you to participate in a Gallup Employee Engagement Survey so that we could hear directly from you about what would make UNT better.

You may recall that this survey asked 12 questions, the responses to which Gallup compared against their database of 15 million others. The survey results are helping us benchmark our scores alongside the world's highest engaged work teams. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated and it helped us get a better idea of areas where we are excelling and areas where we need improvement.

Since it's our goal to be a great place to work, I have asked that results be shared with the vice presidents so we can start the process of analyzing and determining our next steps to keep us moving forward. You can expect to hear from your division leader about future activities and progress related to your areas in the near future. 

Each of you has been a vital part of our process already and your continued input will be incredibly valuable. Thank you for all that you do here at UNT and I look forward to working together to support our community and continue on our path toward a better work environment.

UNT Proud,

Neal Smatresk