Monday, Feb. 13, 2023

Dear UNT Faculty and Staff,

I’m proud to be part of a campus community that understands the power of caring for one another, and I’m excited to provide an update on how we already are showing We Care, one of our new shared values, in the lives of our students.

Before the holiday season, I asked you to consider supporting UNT students when they need it most with a gift to the President’s Student Emergency Fund. The collective impact our community already has made through this initiative is outstanding.

I’m incredibly proud to report that we already have awarded a total of $27,000 to 55 students whose ability to stay enrolled for the spring semester was in jeopardy. In many instances, these students are juggling important responsibilities and dealing with life situations that force them to make difficult choices, such as leaving a balance unpaid on their student account. Awards from the President’s Student Emergency Fund, which are typically about $500 each, help us ensure that a small balance does not prevent a student from staying on-track to earn their college degree.

Thank you for joining together in generosity to move what might feel like mountains for our UNT students. Your gifts are the reason why some of our future leaders are able to stay enrolled on campus today and work toward fulfilling their dreams, which ultimately will transform their lives, their families and our communities.

UNT Proud,

Neal Smatresk
UNT President