April 6, 2020

UNT's Recreational Sports department has developed a guide for faculty and staff looking for ways to exercise, take a personal break or relieve some stress.

For essential personnel on campus, the Center for Leadership and Service is partnering with Carter BloodCare to host a blood drive from 1 to 5 p.m. Thursday, April 9, outside of the University Union. There will be limited spaces available for donation due to social distancing guidelines. In order to donate, you must make an online appointment.

Registration is open. Please remind your students to stay on track for graduation by registering for the classes they need this summer and fall.

In addition, UNT is serving students virtually in every way we can. If you are interacting with students who need help, please remind them to stay connected through our online services. Details for each office's services are posted on their websites.

Key services include:

If you are encountering lighthearted moments right now while working from home with a house full of kids and animals or other predicaments, and you can record those situations, please send them to us. In an effort to collectively share the struggles of teaching and working while isolated, UBSC is continuing to compile those moments, which will be developed into a highlight video.

Share videos through the Dropbox link below and email Angilee Wilkerson (angilee.wilkerson@unt.edu) to make her aware the video is on the way. Please include a sentence or two regarding the video clip, as well as your name and job at UNT. Also, name your clip with your full name. As many as possible will be used.

Going above and beyond: Stories from UNT's COVID-19 response:

Responding to COVID-19 and its impact on our entire campus community has been a herculean effort, but today we are acknowledging a few areas that have been on the front line 24/7 since it began.

In particular, thank you to all staff in Emergency Management, Facilities, Housing and UNT Police for their dedicated service during this global health crisis. Each of these units are supporting critical crisis response and/or business continuity in ways that are not always visible but certainly always necessary.

If you know of someone who is going above and beyond, please share their information with untpresident@unt.edu so we can give them a shoutout.

Don't forget that healthalerts.unt.edu is updated frequently with new information about how we are working together through this global health crisis.

Graphic illustrating Scrappy showing people to stand 6 feet apart from one another