May 7, 2020

A UNT student reported a positive COVID-19 test to us from an off-campus clinic. That student is not currently on campus, and we are in the process of following our protocol to notify any individuals who may have come in contact with the student on campus.

We encourage anyone who is planning travel to register your trip with the university. This will allow the university to contact you in the event of a major emergency or changing circumstances related to your travel destination.

Going above and beyond: Stories from UNT's COVID-19 response

Bridget O'Brien, assistant director of the Child Development Laboratory, would like to recognize Benjamin Hanisian for all of his hard work on the UNT Rec Sports “Keep Moving” Initiative. He is the assistant director of Departmental Marketing and Communications at Rec Sports and has done an excellent job migrating their fitness programs online and setting up their website to keep staff and students active, healthy, and involved; even from afar.

I feel he has gone above and beyond on this huge project, as he updates the site weekly with “Workout Plans of the Week,” which include a schedule of daily Zoom and YouTube Virtual Workout Classes (and even demonstration warm-up videos to watch beforehand!). He has made sure to post a variety of classes, times, and even suggestions for creative ways to adapt your workout at home, which is very inclusive and thoughtful of those with limited resources.

On top of this, he has an excellent social media presence on all platforms, including daily schedule reminders, motivational posts, and Instagram Live workouts.

His work on this project has given the university body a very comprehensive online fitness program that not only helps keep us active and motivated, but helps us feel connected to one another. This reliable, user-friendly resource has been very beneficial for me and many of my co-workers at UNT as we navigate working from home while trying to stay physically and mentally fit.

Many thanks to Ben and everyone working remotely from Rec Sports for all of their hard work!

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