March 30, 2020

A limited number of UNT employees have been identified as essential for serving students who remain on campus and continuing critical business operations of the university, and they are allowed to be on campus. UNT Police ask that you always carry your university ID during this time.

As a reminder, UNT employees who do not fall into the essential personnel category for being on campus and are unable to do their work from home - as determined by your vice president and supervisor - will be reassigned to other duties or receive emergency leave. Please visit this UNT System website to learn more about COVID-19-related emergency leave.

If you are encountering lighthearted moments right now while working from home with a house full of kids and animals or other predicaments, and you can record those situations, please send them to us. In an effort to collectively share the struggles of teaching and working while isolated, UBSC would like to compile those moments into a highlight video.

Share videos through the Dropbox link below and email Angilee Wilkerson ( to make her aware the video is on the way. Please include a sentence or two regarding the video clip, as well as your name and job at UNT. Also, name your clip with your full name. As many as possible will be used.

Are you using virtual backgrounds for your Zoom calls? If so, here is new, university-branded photography that is available to upload for your meetings.

Going above and beyond: Stories from UNT's COVID-19 response:

UNT student Genesis Sanchez gives a huge shoutout to her supervisor Dr. Hope Garcia, assistant vice president of student services, and to the amazing team at UNT at Frisco.

As an international student, being away from her family during such uncertain times has been difficult for Sanchez. However, Dr. Garcia and everyone at UNT at Frisco are doing a wonderful job maintaining constant communication with students and making them feel safe. Sanchez also would like to thank administrative coordinator Danielle Wong for her willingness to help students. “Thank you for all your dedication and your bright and positive attitude,” she says. “Today, I feel grateful and extremely fortunate to be a part of UNT.”

Don't forget that is updated frequently with new information about how we are working together through this global health crisis.

Graphic illustrating Scrappy showing people to stand 6 feet apart from one another