April 2, 2020

Campus officials have been notified of two additional, confirmed cases of COVID-19 at UNT.

One of the cases involves a staff member, who has no interaction with students and very little interaction with other university staff. It has been approximately 10 days since the individual last worked on campus, and any potential impacted parties have been notified.

The other case is a UNT student living alone in off-campus housing who has not been on campus since mid-March. The student already has completed the mandatory self-isolation and any potential impacted parties have been notified.

It is very important to follow the guidelines set forth by Denton County's shelter-at-home order. Students living in residence halls must comply. The order only allows them to leave for essential activities, such as grocery shopping, picking up meals from campus dining, visiting a healthcare professional, or engaging in outdoor activity such as walking, hiking, running or riding a bicycle - with proper social distancing.

UNT officials have received reports of reduced service levels with some online platforms such as Zoom as more organizations worldwide reduce in-person meetings. Stories include having trouble with being kicked out of Zoom meetings or experiencing audio or video issues.

CIO Chris McCoy suggests turning off your VPN if you are using a UNT laptop and minimizing the number of applications running in the background. Zoom uses a considerable amount of memory, and open apps can result in processing issues. Since Zoom is a cloud service, VPN video data is encrypted and routed through campus firewalls before being sent unencrypted back out onto the internet to the Zoom servers. By turning VPN off, computers off campus are communicating directly with the Zoom servers without being routed through the campus.

Finally, when you run Zoom on an iPad, it is only running Zoom, not multiple apps.

Going above and beyond: Stories from UNT's COVID-19 response:

Anam Iqbal, assistant director of freshman recruitment, wants to give Landon Ellison, director of Outreach, a shout-out.

Landon has gone above and beyond for Admissions. He leads the daily Recruitment and Outreach update meetings with confidence and empathy, making everyone feel included and listening to their questions and concerns. He's gone above and beyond to empower his team with up-to-date information throughout this time of uncertainty. Iqbal says, "With all these what-ifs, I feel very comforted knowing that Landon is leading the team."

If you know of someone who is going above and beyond, please share their information with untpresident@unt.edu so we can give them a shoutout.

If you are encountering lighthearted moments right now while working from home with a house full of kids and animals or other predicaments, and you can record those situations, please send them to us. In an effort to collectively share the struggles of teaching and working while isolated, UBSC would like to compile those moments into a highlight video.

Share videos through the Dropbox link below and email Angilee Wilkerson (angilee.wilkerson@unt.edu) to make her aware the video is on the way. Please include a sentence or two regarding the video clip, as well as your name and job at UNT. Also, name your clip with your full name. As many as possible will be used.


Don't forget that healthalerts.unt.edu is updated frequently with new information about how we are working together through this global health crisis.

Graphic illustrating Scrappy showing people to stand 6 feet apart from one another