Feb. 3, 2020

Dear UNT faculty and staff,

Speaking with many of you last year during more than 70 listening tours, division meetings, and town halls on the main campus, at Discovery Park and in Frisco provided valuable insight on the great work you do every day and the ways in which you support our students' success. Your feedback was critical in developing UNT's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, an ambitious guide containing audacious goals for our future.

This plan calls for continuing to work on priority areas that are at our core as a university: collaboration, student success, process improvement, and a culture of scholarly innovation. Our multi-layered strategic plan consists of goals, strategies, activities and metrics which will be implemented during the next five years as resources allow. For a brief understanding, view this quick-reference, two-page strategic plan outline.

Given the university's decision not to raise tuition for students this fall, we anticipate our 2020 work to be relational. Example topics we will focus on include brainstorming student debt solutions, engaging with predictive analytics tools, and designing valuable student first year experiences. If you are interested in serving on a strategic plan committee or engaging with planning roll out activities, contact Debbie Rohwer, vice president for planning, at strategicplan@unt.edu or Debbie.Rohwer@unt.edu.

Our strategic plan is the North Star used to guide our daily work, the decisions we make, and the ways in which we support our students. Every division, department and individual's work should be in support of our strategic goals and contribute to moving our metrics forward. If you have questions about the way your unit can support UNT's strategic plan, please speak with your vice president or reach out to Dr. Rohwer. By working together, we will be able to continue improving students' lives and boasting record-setting years for our university.

Strategy is what drives us and when we stay focused, committed and use our resources wisely, we move together as a university. Thank you for the continued ways in which you help us empower students to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Neal Smatresk


Debbie Rohwer

Vice President for Planning