Jan. 28, 2020


Dear UNT community,

UNT will conduct the spring test of its Eagle Alert system Friday, Jan. 31.

The Eagle Alert system is used to notify the UNT community about emergency situations and university closings and is tested every long semester.

In addition to receiving text and voice messages by phone, the system will test the feature that overrides most computers on campus at UNT, including main campus, Discovery Park, Hall Park and Inspire Park. During the test, computer and presentation screens will display a full-screen test alert. Users will have the option to click out of the screen after the alert has displayed.

All students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in the Eagle Alert system using the telephone numbers provided to UNT during registration or the hiring process. You should check your contact information regularly and update it as soon as it changes by logging in at my.unt.edu if you are a student or faculty member, or at my.untsystem.edu if you are a staff member.

Find out more about Eagle Alert.