Monday, Aug. 22, 2022

The UNT Class of 2026 has arrived - nearly 5,500 students moved into their new campus homes during the weekend's Mean Green Move-In, and nearly 1,000 more are expected to arrive this week.

The return of residential students means heavier vehicle and pedestrian traffic on campus, which will further increase as classes begin Aug. 29. Ongoing City of Denton road construction on North Texas Boulevard and Sycamore Street will further complicate driving around campus throughout the semester.

Please keep these tips in mind as we begin the Fall 2022 semester:

  • Expect delays and last-minute road closures — plan ahead and leave plenty of time to get to your destination.
  • Have a strategy for where to park, but keep alternate parking locations in mind, especially for the next few weeks as students return. Students may end up parking in your preferred lot even though they don't have a permit.
  • Additional city construction may begin in other areas, so follow UNT Facilities on TwitterFacebook or Instagram to get the most up-to-date street closures and construction information and follow UNT Transportation Services' Twitter or Facebook pages for parking and transit tips.
  • If you have questions regarding on-campus parking or transit options, connect directly with Transportation Services at 940-565-3020 or
  • Watch carefully for pedestrians in cross walks and in parking lots.
  • Remain patient and extend grace to colleagues or students who may be tardy due to traffic.

Students who park without correct lot permits may first receive warnings from Transportation Services. Repeat violators or significant violations will lead to citations within the first couple of days of school to ensure the incorrect parking behavior is corrected. Transportation Services does not typically give a “grace” period during the first week of school. Vehicles parked without permits may be issued a citation at any time.

Help the students you know by reminding them about expected heavy traffic and encourage them to connect with Transportation Services for information on parking permits, where to park or how to ride the bus.