Jan. 14, 2020


Dear UNT faculty and staff,

Ensuring our campus community participates in meaningful trainings that serve to keep each of us - and our students and UNT community - informed and safe is an important part of building a great place to work and a campus culture that is enjoyable for everyone.

This past fall, we were each asked to complete two important trainings - Preventing Discrimination and Harassment and Computer Security Awareness. It is important that each of these be completed, and I want to remind you that completion of both of these mandatory trainings is required for merit eligibility. 

The deadlines for completing these required trainings have already passed. However, university leadership is granting a one-time deadline extension to Feb. 15 this year since this is the first time completion of the training has been tied to merit awards. Please note there will not be any grace after Feb. 15 as Human Resources must begin processing merit eligibility at that time. Deadline extensions will not be offered in future years.

As a reminder to supervisors, please be sure that all of your employees - including your student and non-student hourly employees - have completed the training. It is important that we encourage them to do this as soon as possible. Supervisors should be able to log into the Bridge system to determine if your employees have completed the discrimination and harassment training. If you discover team members listed who no longer work for you, please off-board them through Human Resources to have them removed from your team's list.

If you have questions or encounter difficulty accessing the training, visit the Navigating UNT Bridge site or reach out to the training team with questions by email at AskTraining@unt.edu.

Thank you for helping ensure our university achieves its commitment to being a great place to work and continues to progress.


Clay Simmons

Chief Compliance Officer