Sept. 8, 2020

The Division of University Brand Strategy and Communications is leading an effort to replace outdated university marks (also known as logos). This will help maintain consistency across the institution and feature our refreshed branding.

For a stronger identifier of UNT, the UNT Lettermark is now locked up with the Diving Eagle as our official university mark and should be used in all university materials. If you are using only “UNT” without the Diving Eagle, please replace it with the combination mark. All academic and administrative lockups also showcase this combination mark and can be downloaded in multiple formats and colors (green, black and white) from the UNT Identity Guide.

Please also remove old tag lines, such as "Est. 1890." Best practice is to delete old marks from your computer.

Be sure to use the university's most current branded assets in your e-mail signature, letterhead, printed materials, news, websites and digital promotions. In the case of digital displays, the effort comes without a cost. As it relates to items such as stationery and signage, it is understood that the process will be slower due to the expense involved.

UBSC is always happy to help you with locating your division or academic marks, providing you with the correct letterhead, or answering any questions you have regarding branding. Email us at or call 940-565-2108. Thank you for your Mean Green efforts on brand compliance!