Sept. 16, 2021

The Gallup Engagement Survey will arrive in our inboxes this year Sept. 27 and will close Oct. 8. This is the fifth consecutive year we are taking the survey, which is used as a snapshot in time to gauge what people feel about their everyday experiences and interactions with their peers, their supervisors and the overall institution. As we work toward increasing the number of engaged employees, the goal is to increase survey participation — we hope to reach 80 percent at each campus.

Below are snapshots of UNT results and UNT System results over time:


  • 2017: 49% participation, 35% engaged employees
  • 2018: 71% participation, 38% engaged employees
  • 2019: 65% participation, 38% engaged employees
  • 2020: 68% participation, 43% engaged employees

UNT System

  • 2017: 86% participation, 35% engaged employees
  • 2018: 92% participation, 47% engaged employees
  • 2019: 88% participation, 53% engaged employees
  • 2020: 87% participation, 57% engaged employees

The expectation is that team members will take this survey and provide honest feedback, giving an accurate picture of current conditions so that progress can be made toward improvement. Teams also use the survey results as a basis for meaningful conversations about what's needed for them to be engaged.